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It has been a while since I have penned something of substance (thanks law school classes in the summer!). Therefore it is time to catch you fine folks up with a little Wednesday evening cornucopia of topics (complete with many ( ) so you know how I really feel). Also, enjoy it when you think back fondly on the Syracuse Hooters.

W Lax
Yes, I started covering this beat last year because the team was so darn good. So it is my duty to report that Head Coach Lisa Miller has chose to depart Syracuse and head for the glory that is Cambridge, Massachusetts, and coach Haaaaaaaaaavahd (Harvard for those not in New England). Lisa Miller’s career numbers at Syracuse were 106-53 (.667) in ten seasons, all of which were winning. She led Syracuse to the inaugural Big East Conference Championship, along with an automatic NCAA Tournament birth this past season and was named D-1 Coach of the Year and currently ranks 10th among active coaches in win percentage. Nothing to say but thanks for helping build a competing program and best of luck at the Crimson Tide.

The Express
USA Today had a major story on the Ernie Davis movie earlier this week. You can read the article here, but to sum up; this article suggests Ernie Davis is college football’s version of Jackie Robinson. I could not agree more. I am getting very excited for this movie. He is my hometown hero.

The Hot Seat
Thanks to our own Matt Glaude reporting at the Fanhouse, as well as our pal at Nunes/Magician, we learn just where Greg Robinson is on the “Can the Coach Barometer”. I agree with Matt, he should have a little more time to get the gentlemen he has recruited in the system. Plus we have seen improvement every year, so if we see even more Greg will be around a few more seasons (nowhere to go but up when improving on a one win season).

Big East Media (are idiots!)
The media have spoken and this is how they think the league will turn out:

1. West Virginia (20)
2. Louisville (3)
3. Rutgers (1)
4. South Florida
5. Cincinnati
6. Pittsburgh
7. Connecticut
8. Syracuse

You have got to be kidding me. As I mentioned in my Big East Football Prospectus I think we can handily dispatch of at least three of these teams. Granted several of these squads *cough* UConn/Rutgers *cough* play an almost embarrassing non-conference schedule filled with cupcakes and 1-AA teams (I’ve visited Norfolk State and have seen them play but honestly Big East people), but that does not affect how you finish in the league. How can these people really think on paper we look like the worst team competing. This really grinds my gears.

Basketball Conference Schedule
The conference put out its schedule for who is playing who and where in the Big East this coming season. Although it is an awesome matrix to look at, it upsets me in several ways. First, I can’t support a schedule, no matter how random, balanced, or fair, that does not include a home and home series with your biggest rival. Syracuse only plays UConn in the Carrier Dome this season, instead of both the Dome and either Gample Pavilion or the Hartford Civic Center. However, there are some cool games on the schedule, as we play home and home with Villanova, Georgetown, and USF (?). We then see Marquette, Pittsburgh, and Providence as the really quality home games next season. We will travel to Morgantown, South Bend, Cincinnati, Chicago, Newark, and L’Ville. This should be an interesting season, however I wish the conference would adopt my scheduling plan. You simply pick your three biggest rivals for a home and home. For Syracuse, I believe this would be Connecticut, Georgetown, and Pittsburgh. Then you schedule every other opponent in the league at least once, splitting them between home and the road and rotating every season. Obviously there might be some overlap of who wants to play who home and home, so some concessions would have to be made and the league office would have to handle that. But, all in all I think this would be a much cooler way to enjoy the Big East. The TV deal has a little to do with it, but frankly, even if we did not play a home and home with UConn, but did play everyone in the league at least once, that would be a much better compromise. Every team should play every other team at least once. The SU Athletics page has the complete rundown of the conference schedule and how we have done against all the other Big East teams here (Correction: We played Providence at Providence last year, unlike what that page says).

(Usual) BCS Complaint
Rumor has it that in 2011 or 2012 college football will institute a “Plus 1” format for determining the BCS Champion. While this is less a playoff and more of a final four, I still kind of like it. And some improvement is better than nothing. Look for this to appear… in the distant future. In the meanwhile I’m sure we will still complain and gripe about how an undefeated Boise State can’t/shouldn’t/should play for the National Championship. Happy blogging!

Save the Swim Team!
I’ll be honest; I did not know anyone on the swim team when I was there from 2001-2005. However, one of my good law school friends is an ’06 alumnus of Syracuse and was on the swim team for all four years of his college career. Once he explained to me that Syracuse had representation in the NCAA National Championships every season I was outraged that DOCTOR (hat tip to Nunes/Magician with the all caps) Darryl Gross was cutting the teams in favor of Women’s Ice Hockey (gaaaaaaag me). I’m generally against cutting any teams as I believe Title IX is outdated and harmful (another topic for another day but I have done extensive research on the subject), but a national championship caliber team? Really? Come on DOCTOR. Anyway, here is the online petition. So sack up and help save a great program and a great bunch of kids from getting a totally raw deal. (To quickly sum up the way to fix Title IX is to just make football exempt).

Do you feel more informed? No? Sorry. Maybe you should read about questionable meat and hunker down until August 31st. I am very ready for some college football to start. As always, stay tuned for more.

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