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At least they won't be pink and green.
As reported yesterday in the rag tag publication The Daily Orange, as well as on Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, Syracuse will be debuting new basketball uniforms either during the Big East Tournament or the NCAA Tournament. I thought I’d weigh in on the issue, because frankly, I know things and stuff… and I’m bored at work on a Friday.

Obviously at this point no one but Nike and probably Darryl Gross, maybe Jim Boeheim, knows what these new uniforms look like. Simply based on sheer conjecture I will determine if the uniform change is a good idea or not. My vote is yes and no.

It’s always good when technology advances something (save the whole Cyberdyne scenario from the Terminator movies). If my jersey can pull sweat off my body that is pretty sweet. If I spill something on my clothes but it just falls off like water on the hood of a freshly waxed Buick then even better. But form needs to follow function in a basketball uniform. If it looks like crap then no one cares if it can wick moisture away.

Which brings is to what they will look like. “SU's home jerseys will be white with ‘Orange’ written across the chest in orange lettering and the orange road jerseys will feature ‘Syracuse’ across the chest in white lettering.” I don’t think I’m a fan of the Orange across the chest. It harkens back to the days of yesteryear when the said Orangemen in script across the chest. As so many have complained before, we are not a fruit and we are more then just a color. I’m very proud of Syracuse, even if our nickname is Orange, but frankly I identify more with Syracuse than Orange. I think most alumni would agree, and probably even current students.

The football jerseys that came out for the 2005 campaign by Nike were retro. I can’t help but envision some earlier jerseys the team wore from the 80’s and 90’s. The boys above probably would have loved the jerseys of today, but I think they would still appreciate the current uniform better than Nike trying to make us look old school.

As for the silver lettering, I’m not quite sold, but I like it better than the navy that we currently have. In 2003 and 2004, the last two years of the (what I’ve dubbed) championship jersey, the letters were block and white and were clearly visible and classy looking. If the silver lettering can look just as good as those jerseys did I will be fine with the sliver.

The university can not… I repeat CAN NOT do an all navy uniform. This will not only look horrific, but will go against the traditions of the university. I know other teams use the navy jersey such as the softball team. However, navy blue is not an official color of the university. Orange is only the official color (and we are one of the few universities that only have one official color). Navy is merely the unofficial accent color, and it is described as such in everything related to Syracuse. Just say no to all navy blue.

One more point about superstition. I’m a big believer in superstition when it comes to postseason tournaments. When I was an undergrad traveling with the team I would always wear the same belt, pants, etc. once the tournament started (yes I changed my socks and underwear… that is just gross if you don’t). Debuting a new uniform in a postseason tournament is a bad idea and will clearly affect the likeability of the new uniforms if we do terrible when debuting in them. If Nike was smart they would wait until the start of next season. Unless the team runs the table I doubt they will be selling too many of the new uniforms until next fall anyway.

Will these uniforms be hideous? Only time or Nike will tell. But Nunes/Magic is right. They did make the Oregon Ducks football jerseys and those are the gold standard for terrible uniforms.


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