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I’m kidding of course. I’m not abandoning SU Basketball now or ever. But it is fun to pretend. Plus I do really love lacrosse. That being said, time for some analysis of what went horribly wrong for the Orange in the building they have owned the last two years.

Turnovers. Do I really need to keep harping on this point? When the team turns the ball over in high numbers we have less of a chance to win. Syracuse committed 15 turnovers. The favorite ATM, yours and mine, contributed only two, while Devendorf committed the team high five. I feel like Jim Boeheim; if you don’t know that this is a problem by now I have no idea how to tell you at this point.

We were out rebounded. It was only by 2, but it still happened. That cannot and should not happen against teams of the same ilk as St. John’s. It cannot happen.

Syracuse could not buy a free throw on Sunday. Going only 4-14, this translated to a dismal 28.6%. Terrence Roberts only hit one out of nine. I’m not blaming the loss on this fact completely, however…it is pretty hard not to. Roberts has shot better all season, making the majority making 11 of 13 in the past four games. He was shooting 51.8% from the free throw line on the season until Sunday. Now he falls to 45.9% on the season. It is a shame he made this regression in a building that the Orange have been fantastic in lately.

Nichols saw his allergies acting up against a perennial Big East rival. St. John’s is a team that should have been outmatched by Syracuse. He made 5-14 on FG’s and a dismal 2-8 on three pointers. While he was not the only one having trouble spotting up from long distance (Rautins 0-5), he is the “go to” shooter now. When Nichols plays badly it takes a much greater effort from the rest of the team to overcome that obstacle. Thus this result is not terribly surprising.

Normally I’d put something good here, and while there were some bright spots on the day (Devendorf, Team FG %) we all know this game is a disappointment. Over at Nunes/Magician I think he sums it up perfectly; “This team could end up winning the Big East or losing every game for the rest of the year and neither outcome would be shocking at this point.”

So what have we learned from this game? Nichols needs to go back to his winning Big East ways. The team needs to stop turning the ball over. We need to play up to our level. We need a winning lacrosse basketball team. We all hope this team can pull some magical wins out, because right now If I were Matt Glaude, I would say this loss put us at “Troubling”.

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2 Responses to “Syracuse – St. John’s Postgame Reactions OR Is It Lax Season Yet?”

  1. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    Methinks that someone took a look at the publishing draft queue.

    Lacrosse previews to start tonight!  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    I actually didn't look but now I'm excited. This works out perfectly.  

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