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If You're a Contractor in Syracuse, You're in Luck

Championships are nice.
Brick and mortar may even be better.
They don't know where it's going.

Or what's exactly going to be in it.

Or where the rest of the cash is going to come from to fund the project.

What Syracuse University does know, though, is that Carmelo Anthony is one of the finest benefactors the institution has ever known.

In a press conference conducted this afternoon, Anthony, along with Orange head basketball coach Jim Boeheim and Director of Athletics Daryl Gross, presented the University with the lead gift for the construction of a newly planned basketball practice facility.

As the Syracuse press release notes, Anthony is paving the way for a world-class facility that ensures the stature of Orange basketball for years to come:

Anthony’s gift represents one of the largest individual donations to Syracuse University Athletics and is also believed to be one of largest by a current professional athlete to the school they attended. The gift is the starting point in the fundraising plans for the multi-million dollar structure. The facility, which is still in the planning phase, would be located within the Lampe Athletic Complex on the University campus.

“This is deeper than the money,” Anthony said. “It is my commitment to give back to Syracuse for what they gave me when I was there. They embraced me. It is just another way I can give back. I am giving back in Baltimore and Denver, but the one in Syracuse, I think that is going to be huge.”

* * * * *

The planned facility would house two practice courts, locker rooms and office facilities for the men’s and women’s basketball programs at Syracuse.

While the completion of the project is likely set two years into the future, it will become, for all intents and purposes, the centerpiece of the now refurbished Manley complex.

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