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BlogPoll: Week Ten (I Think)

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Unfortunately, the 2006 college football regular season is rapidly winding down. With the sunset of the campaign so imminent, it follows that the ballot appearing below should become more concrete in its assertions.

That, of course, has not happened. With teams alternatively struggling, losing, and generally disappointing in big spots, more chaos has hit this pull over the last seven days than originally anticipated. What results is a poll with an odd mix of green and red arrows, and eight sets of dashes representing nonmovement. Such a combination is worrisome, yet given the slate of games played last week, it is not as disorderly as it could have been.
1Ohio State--
2Louisville 4
3Michigan 1
6Florida 1
7West Virginia 4
8California 1
9Southern Cal 1
10LSU 3
12Tennessee 4
13Notre Dame 1
16Boise State--
18Wake Forest 3
19Georgia Tech 1
20Oregon 6
21Texas A&M 1
22Brigham Young 2
23Maryland 3
24Virginia Tech 2
25Nebraska 1

Dropped Out: Boston College (#19), Washington State (#22), Tulsa (#23), Clemson (#25).

Notes & Commentary

  • Boston College's treatment was harsh, but I feel justified in the action. The Eagles are a schizophrenic team, dogged week-to-week with questionable offensive and defensive consistency. With losses against N.C. State and Wake Forest -- games Boston College was expected to not only win, but win fairly handily -- the allure of the Eagles is quickly fading. Considering that Tom O'Brien's outfit has yet to register a win of sizable proportion -- Clemson victory included -- there isn't much for the Eagles to stand behind save a close shave over Brigham Young.
  • The back-end of this ballot, once again, is pretty terrible. I like Maryland and Virginia Tech rated somewhere in the final five, however, I am not particularly sold on any of the other teams included in the final grouping.
  • Despite the Muderer's Row of opponents lining up for Wake Forest, I still like the Demon Deacons. They definitely have some fight and Jim Grobe's offense is a pleasure to watch.
  • Does Louisville deserve the number two spot? Well, maybe. Brian argues that we should examine the full resumes of Louisville and Michigan in order to make an informed decision on the 2-hole. I agree, yet think that there is something to be said about Louisville's recent progression. With Brian Brohm close to operating at 100%, Louisville is starting to peak in its performance. Michigan, unfortunately, ran into a roadblock against Ball State. While not necessarily "exposing" the Wolverines, it did put a chink in the Michigan armor. Given the fact that Louisville did topple the clear number three team in the country and played enough defense to stymie that attack, I have to move the Cardinals into the second slot. Michigan, though, is a close third.
  • If Rutgers beats Louisville on Thursday, I will seriously consider them as a top 10 team. Repent now, the end is obviously near.
  • Good-bye, Clemson. It's been nice knowing you. Take a seat next to Pittsburgh.
  • I have no idea what to do with Arkansas. I think 11 is fair, but the Razorbacks may be a significantly better team than that. Time will have to tell in this situation.
  • LSU probably deserves better, but the "big win" came against a Tennessee squad without its starting quarterback. And, the victory may have been the ugliest on the week, outside of the Louisville-West Virginia joint. So, the Tigers kind of tread water at the 10-hole.

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  1. # Blogger Butch

    Man, I'm not sure Louisville would beat Michigan...and I'm a die-hard Lousiville fan.  

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