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Syracuse released its game notes for Sunday's Syracuse-West Virginia battle royale yesterday. If you're interested in perusing the weak eight page effort, it can be accessed here.

Game notes are always fun; they're an eclectic combination of things that matter and things that should probably appear on toilet paper in a public men's room. Nothing earth-shattering appears in the publication, but it's important to peruse them as they often give some insight that may have been overlooked by traditional media sources.

Here are my notes on this week's game notes:

[Bruce Williams]
Williams is listed as second on the depth chart at wide receiver behind Tim Lane and Landel Bembo.


Williams has gone from unworthy of a Syracuse scholarship according to Coach Pasqualoni to viable third option in Greg Robinson's new west coast offense. This illustrates two points: 1) Williams does, in fact, have the sure hands that every sideline pundit associated with CBA claimed he had last season; and 2) Paul Pasqualoni should be tarred and feathered.

On a more negative note, if Williams is listed as the offense's third receiver, what does this say about Rice Moss and Lavar Lobdell? These two guys have all the physical attributes to be terrifically productive receivers at this level, but apparently they have yet to put it all together on the football field. Quite simply, that's unacceptable.

The starting three is set: Kellen Pruitt (SAM), Kelvin Smith (MIKE), and Tommy Harris (WILL).

The question is, will Robinson actually leave these three guys on the field for the game's duration as he has indicated in the past. This isn't questioning the ability of Pruitt, Smith, and Harris as much as it's geared toward wondering whether Robinson will forgo all the talent on the pine to steadfastly stick to a mentality that doesn't seem to increase the chances for Orange success.

To Jerry Mackey and and Jameel McClain: don't forget your helment on Sunday.

[Season Openers]
I recently took a look at Syracuse in home games. The essay can be accessed here. The SU athletic department supplements this essay with their own take, some of which has no bearing on how Syracuse will perform on Sunday.

From 1900-42, Syracuse was 41-0-2 is season openers.

Whoop-de-do. Who cares.

[On This Date]
Syracuse is 2-0 in games played on September 4th with wins against Rutgers (31-8) and Ball State (38-12).

This leads to the obvious conclusion that Syracuse should play 12 games on September 4th. Or something like that.

[Boonah Brinkley]
Brinkley, Syracuse's next great running back, is not listed on this Sunday's depth chart.


It's seems unbelievable that Tim Washington, Kareem Jones, and Paul Chiara are all more talented than the heralded Pennsylvania product. You don't walk out of Philadelphia as the city's all-time leading rusher without having some ability.

More than likely, Brinkley's non-listing is probably a result of Robinson attempting to protect Brinkley's potential redshirt status.

At least, I hope that's the case.

[Joe Fields]
Or, as I like to call him, "Mr. Second String."

Not only is Fields backing up Perry Patterson for the right to throw incompletions, but he's also listed behind the "Greatest Football Player in the History of Football" - Brendan Carney - as the Orange's holder.

[Orange in the NFL]
Quentin Harris plays for the Cardinals? Who knew.

Note to self: don't draft the Cardinals D in any fantasy league.

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