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Big East Football: Week One

For all intents and purposes, the college football season is here.


With that in mind, here's the schedule of games going down this weekend with Big East Conference implications.

As you'll notice, opening weekend provides quite the buffet of Big East football. From a season-opening conference game to a nationally televised slugfest between teams brandishing navy and gold, it's a pretty solid lineup of games from Thursday through Sunday evening.

And, of course, Cincy has the opportunity to play their way off ESPN's Bottom 10 bubble.

Big East Football: Week One
9.01.05Eastern Michigan v. CincinnatiCincinnati, OH7:00 PM
9.01.05Buffalo v. ConnecticutEast Hartford, CT7:30 PM
9.03.05Rutgers v. IllinoisCampaign, IL12:00 PM
9.03.05South Florida v. Penn StateState College, PAESPNU/ESPN+3:30 PM
9.03.05Notre Dame v. PittsburghPittsburgh, PAABC8:00 PM
9.04.05West Virginia v. SyracuseSyracuse, NYABC1:30 PM
9.04.05Louisville v. KentuckyLexington, KYESPN3:30 PM

Reasonable Out Of Conference BE Record (Week 1): 4-2
Optimistic Out Of Conference BE Record (Week 1): 5-1
Pessimistic Out of Conference BE Record (Week 1): 2-4

Clearly, the marquee matchup involving a Big East member this weekend is Notre Dame visiting Dave Wanndstedt and Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh really needs to lay the wood to the Irish to put a tourniquet on all the "BCS Unworthy" talk. Plus, it'll be Step 1 in the eventual firing of Charlie Weis.

If you want more information on this game, I recommend reading either Pitt Sports Blather or The Blue-Gray Sky. They'll hook you up with what you need to know.

PSB is basically an excerpted news service with little blogger-driven commentary, while BGS makes you want to drive all across the country to slap every delusional Notre Dame supporter you can find.

5 Responses to “Big East Football: Week One”

  1. # Blogger Gary

    WVU 31 SU 13  

  2. # Anonymous CFR

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  3. # Blogger Alex L.

    You said: "BGS makes you want to drive all across the country to slap every delusional Notre Dame supporter you can find."

    Yes, yes. That's about the best description I've seen for that blog. Your blog, on the other hand, is great. Really. Love the humour. Keep up the good work.  

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