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The Orange::44 Podcast Episode 1

We're back in the podcasting business. Business is good.
We here at Orange::44 haven't turned out a new podcast since before last summer. That was just too long. That's why Correspondent John Brennan and I decided to relaunch our Orange::44 podcasts with a brand new podcast in this new series. We start off this podcast with some great topics including we the Orange::44 Law Dogs discussing the entire Delone Carter case as it stands now. Then we move into the hot topic of the month, which is of course conference expansion (along with a huge longshot solution). Then we end with some SU Lacrosse and NCAA Tourney Talk. It is just over an hour of great Syracuse knowledge from your friend at Orange::44. You can download the episode by clicking here, or you can listen via the stream below. Enjoy. Hopefully we'll have more of these from you in the future. Oh and don't worry Sean, I'll still join you on your podcasts still too.

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