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2010 SOB Awards - Best Syracuse Blog/Fan Video

It's that time again.

It’s that time again. Welcome to the 2010 SOB’s. Thanks to Cuse Country we know the previous winner. I’ll be your host for this hour as we take a look at the category of Best Syracuse Blog/Fan Video. There were a lot of great videos this year made by the various Syracuse blogs and fans out there, but we take a look at the ones that garnered the most votes from our esteemed panel. First with the losers, or if you prefer, non-winners.

Fourth Place

Brian from CuseOrange picked “The Offering” by our friend Sean at Nunes/Magician.

Third Place

D.A. from The Orange Fizz picked another of Sean’s videos. “Keely's Syracuse Preacher Boy. So intense. I yelled like that when DC missed the free throws.”

Second Place

This one received four votes and it comes from our good friend Matt “The GlaudeGlaude from Hoya Suxa.

Sean from Nunes/Magician: Destroying the Hoya - simple yet elegant. Just like Glaude.

Syracusan from Cuse Country: Anything from Glaude. I can’t even pick.

Steve of CuseOrange: The Glaude's focused hate at its finest. DaVinci quality smack.

Josh from Cuse Country: Hoya Destroya! by Hoya Suxa.

And now, The Winner of the 2010 SOB Award for Best Syracuse Blog/Fan Video goes to..

Glaude again, from Hoya Suxa for his riveting dancing and celebration of Syracuse’s demolishing of Georgetown at the hands of the Orange in the Carrier Dome. He received five votes.

Dan Lyons of Bleacher Report: Hoya Suxa's epic dancing.

Brian Harrison of Orange::44: Glaude had some gems, but the celebration of the Georgetown victory was the best.

Orange Chuck of The Big Orange Bloggers: Hoya Suxa victory dance after the Jan. 25 SU win over Georgetown though thankfully I have a weak stomach so missed his last one following the BET loss.

Jameson Fleming of Bleacher Report: I haven't laughed this hard in awhile.

And finally Andrew of The Three Idiots agreed with me: What Harrison said, that's the best.

So there you have it. The winner of the Best Blog/Fan Video is Hoya Suxa. Congratulations to him and that must mean he’s now chugging three finger’s worth of his favorite adult beverage and taking pantless photos. Kudos to him. The SOB’s roll on with Jameson’s presentation of the Best Sophomore of the year over Jameson's Bleacher Report page at 6:00pm EST. Check it out. I’ll see you back here tomorrow morning at 10:00AM EST for the presentation of the Best Senior. As always, check out Nunes/Magician for today’s results.

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