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Lacrosse Weekly 4/15/10

Happy to see another dramatic Syracuse victory over the Big Red.

Cornell must really hate Syracuse at this point. They just cannot seem to win against the Orange. Not only that, but for the past two games they have lost in dramatic, almost unbelievable fashions. The Big Red had a shot in this game, much like in Foxboro last season, and again come up just short. Syracuse pulls one out with a buzzer beater in Ithaca under the lights eight to seven.

Syracuse started out the game getting on the board first. Then Cornell tied it up to conclude the scoring in the first. The second quarter saw one more SU goal before Cornell took the lead with two goals, heading to the half up 3-2. Syracuse was still down 5-4 after the third quarter and both teams added a pair of goals. Syracuse never seemed to gain traction through the game. Cornell scored to open the fourth quarter, but Syracuse scored to cut the lead to one again. Then in another minute Cornell scored again to go up two with just over nine minutes to go in the game. Syracuse then scored two more to tie the game up with 4:59 to go. Syracuse won the faceoff and had some good shots at the cage but ended up turning the ball over. Cornell took a time out with just over two minutes remaining. The way Cornell had been shooting it could have easily been over for Syracuse. With under a minute remaining John Lade jarred the ball loose and Joel White picked up the ball, avoiding several defenders cradling one handed and spinning across midfield to get the ball into Cornell territory. With only a few seconds left Cody Jamieson made a great move to the cage and was stopped point blank by Cornell goalie AJ Fiore but the rebound bounced free. Chris Daniello ended up with the ball and nailing a shot five yards out at the buzzer to give Syracuse the win.

I cannot say enough about how good AJ Fiore played. He had 20 saves in this game, a career best. He stopped Cody Jamieson several times point blank and he is one of the best finishers in the game. Unfortunately he chucked the ball out a few times due to Syracuse’s ride. But really the trouble in this game was turnovers and bad passing. Syracuse coughed up the ball way too much and against a Virginia for example, we would have really been in trouble. Additionally it seemed that John Galloway was not seeing the ball well as he really did not have a good game. Also on a few occasions it seemed as though the Syracuse defense was asleep at the switch. But all of that is overshadowed by the Daniello goal to end the game, as well as the stellar play of Joel White and the SU clearing game. In the end, and the way the came back form two goals down, as well as not allowing Cornell to get much more distance between them in the score, this is a good performance from Syracuse when the game was on the line. And yes, I do think the goal should have counted. From seeing it on TWCS via my DVR you can see the net move and the clock tick down to zero, then the horn. Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!

Chris Damiello was the leading scorer for Syracuse. He finished with three goals in the game. Cody Jamieson finished with two goals and one assist. Joel White had nine groundballs in this game, giving Syracuse a huge edge to try and come back in this game. Jovan Miller also had eight groundballs. Both of them really played well in this game from the midfield especially after faceoffs. Jeremy Thompson won 7-9 from the X, while Gavin Jenkinson won 5-9. Finally Galloway had eight saves and seven goals against in this game.

Syracuse really bested Cornell in almost all the statistics in this game. Cornell had 20 shots, while Syracuse doubled that with 40. Syracuse picked up 45 groundballs, but Cornell only picked up 25 in this sloppy game. The Orange won 12 of 18 faceoffs, while Cornell only won six. Syracuse cleared the ball well, clearing 16-17, but Cornell fared worse only clearing 17-24. Cornell was unable to capitalize on extra-man opportunities as they only converted 1-3, while Syracuse converted 2-2. Once again Syracuse had eight saves, while Cornell had 20. Finally Syracuse had 19 turnovers, while Cornell had 22. The complete box score can be found here.

Since we had a Lacrosse Weekly on Tuesday we’ll hold off on the poll information since there is no change, as well as the scoreboard and Big East standings as not much has changed between then and now. This was all about Syracuse pulling off another great comeback win against Cornell. You have to think Jeff Tambroni just does not want to play Syracuse anymore. This is four in a row against the Big Red, and after robbing them twice in a row it has to sting. Now with four games left on the schedule for Syracuse before the NCAA Tournament (for which they are now a virtual lock for), it is all Big East from here on out. Interestingly enough, it is a fairly easy road for Syracuse. They will next take on a decent Rutgers team in New Brunswick on Sunday at 6:00pm on ESPN U. Rutgers is 5-5 on the year, but Rutgers gave Princeton a game this past week so it could not be a roll for Syracuse. Either way, it should be another entertaining affair.


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