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The 2009 SOB's: Best Game of the Year

I got fancy with Paint this year.

It is 5:00pm, which means it is time to unveil the winner of the SOB for Best Game of the Season. Welcome to all of you following the awards as we close out Day #1. On to the presentation.

Obviously this category has an obvious winner, but surprisingly this was not a unanimous decision. Matt Glaude from Hoya Suxa not too surprisingly picked the win over nemesis Georgetown in the Dome. “Beating the living piss out of Georgetown up in the Dome. Or just squeaking by. My memory is tainted with a hazy disdain.”

But with 11 of the 12 votes in the category, clearly it is the Syracuse v. UConn 6OT thriller from the Big East Tournament on March 12, 2009. Well, it started March 12th at least.

SU-UConn, Big East tourney. If anyone votes for a game other than this, it's because they had fallen asleep. Which means they should be immediately displaced to a retirement village, where they can watch "Matlock" reruns and enjoy strained corn. - Damon Amendolara, Orange Fizz

6 OTs. It has to be that Colgate thriller right? Right? Being in MSG for the Big East Tournament and that game specifically will always be something I'll always remember. That night was a night of history and the night this team will always be remembered for. – Jameson, Bleacher Report

6 OT vs. UConn, That game robbed me of about 2 hours of sleep, and I still believe that somehow, the people at Buffalo Wild Wings were involved in this madness. – Ray Biggs, SWRLU

Syracuse vs. UConn, Big East Tournament. 6 OTs and the Garden, and I was in attendance. What's not to like? – Daniel, SWRLU

6 OTs against UConn: Not only did we play in one of the best games ever, we won it. – Alex O., SWRLU (#2)

Do we need to vote on this? 6-OTs. – Matt L, The Orange Report

The number of overtimes in the game on March 12 ironically was also how many times better this game was than any other Syracuse game this season. The national stage... Against hated UConn... Manning up as the minutes kept passing into early morning... Silly stat lines... the Big East Tournament... Eliminating the Huskies in the BET again... AJ Price crying... That game was pure joy... SIX times better than any other game on the schedule. – Nick Loucks, Nick's 2 Cents

Oakland of course! C’mon, the Epic battles of all Epic battles down in the epicenter of college basketball. The Garrrrrdddeeenn. – Danny Carberry, The Sport Hump

Obviously the 6 OT game. Runner up, LeMoyne. – Andrew Rush, Three Idiots

No doubt it was the 6 OT epic win over UConn. Anytime they make a T-shirt to commemorate it, it was a classic game. – Sean Keeley, Nunes/Magician

And finally…
Syracuse v. Connecticut in the Big East Tournament. March 12, 2009. The second longest game in NCAA history was nothing sort of spectacular. Beating Jim Calhoun’s team was the most satisfying experience Syracuse Basketball had experienced since that famous 2006 BET run. If only I was there. – Brian Harrison, Orange::44

So there you have it. Your winner again was the fantastic, legendary game that was Syracuse/Connecticut in the Big East Tournament. Amazing. Feel free to relive the magic via video highlights right here. This concludes your awards broadcasting day. However we are by no means done. We still have plenty more awards to give out. Tune back in tomorrow over at Ray’s Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos at 10:00am where he will be revealing the Most Surprising Player award. Check back here tomorrow at 2:00pm when I reveal the Favorite Moment of the Season. Again your complete awards schedule is here. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you tomorrow for more of the Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards!

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