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Syracuse - Florida State Postgame Reactions OR Yikes!

This guy isn't the first Side Judge to taste Scott's wrath this season.
Well that was rough. Let's be honest, unless you are mentally ill you didn't think Syracuse was going to upset #2 Florida State in Florida. And they didn't. But it was brutal to watch, the score was lopsided, and a decent percentage of Syracuse ended up pretty seriously injured. FSU won 59-3. Now is the time where I point out that I only grade on a very slight curve.
17 first downs is good. 6-18 on third downs isn't bad. 2-3 on fourth downs is really good. 247 total yards is not good. Neither is losing a fumble and throwing an interception. Terrel Hunt (10/18, 75yds, 0 TD, 0 INT) didn't have a bad day but he didn't do much to keep Syracuse moving in the direction of the end zone. Drew Allen was worse, throwing a pick. PTG was really ineffective with his ankle, and Jerome Smith never got going. All in all a bad day for Syracuse.
This was about the performance we thought we were going to see. Syracuse held FSU to 1-4 on third downs, but that's because they earned 20 first downs total, mostly on downs not labeled with a three. They had 523 yards and put up 59 points. The only reason Syracuse didn't earn an F here was because they were playing #2 Florida State.
Special Teams
Hey, we got points! Ryan Norton, remaining perfect after coming off a suspension, nailed a 32 yard FG, his only attempt. Otherwise, punting was average and the coverage was average. But hey, points!
Maybe the referees felt sorry for Syracuse, or maybe Syracuse finally stopped committing dumb penalties, but the penalties were way down compared to the last few contests, only netting three for 20 yards total. The coaches deserve credit for that. And the play calling wasn't bad when faced with the monumental task of moving the ball against the FSU defense. It doesn't help that both Quarterbacks were really ineffective at moving the ball, forcing the run game to work even harder. Either way, an average effort.
C- 1.75
All in all we got the game we expected. So you can't really fault Syracuse for being outmatched in the talent department. They performed about how I think they should have, rarely underachieving in a game they were clearly outmatched in. Solid effort. Now time to win the games that are left that are winable.
Syracuse faces longtime opponent Pittsburgh in a winner goes bowling scenario. At least that game will be more fun to watch.

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