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Yeah, I felt like that on a few moments too Doug.
Syracuse earned their first win in 11 months. Yes, it was against a 1-AA team, but that was a 1-AA team that was loaded with former 1-A players, and far better than Youngstown State (sorry Pittsburgh). While it was not pretty for a good chunk of it, it was a win. And a pretty dominate performance in the second half, except for touchdowns. Syracuse won 28 to 17, but this was a frustrating game for the viewers.
Yes, Syracuse earned 549 total yards, converted 8-16 third downs, and picked up 27 total. But Syracuse was within mere yards of the end zone twice in the second half and were stuffed. The second time they were within a food and managed to lose a few yards on the play. That is inexcusable and unacceptable against a 1-AA team, no matter what team they are. Again, Ryan Nassib (22/35, 335yds, 3 TD, 0 INT) played a great game, and Marcus Sales (5 rec, 117yds, 23.4 avg, 1 TD) continues to be the best offensive player not named Nassib. Price Tyson-Gulley, Jarrod West, and even Ashton Broyld all had good games as well. Overall a good effort for the offense, but the C+ is really for the goal line stands and the big fumble made by Tyson-Gulley.
Tackling continues to be an issue for Syracuse. Again, not so much in the open, and on receivers, but really after first contact by the Syracuse defense on running plays, no running back has seemed to go down. Credit due to RBs Maysonet and Coker for Stony Brook. They could start on some 1-A teams out there. Anyway, moral of the story is the Syracuse run defense is still underperforming. Additionally, the secondary had some major lapses in coverage, and were it not for Stony Brook's QB either overthrowing and underthrowing, or the receivers just plain not catching the balls, Syracuse would have been in even more trouble in this game. Limiting SBU to 3-11 yards and 3-13 on third down conversions is pretty good and playing as expected though.
Special Teams
Overall coverage was fine, punting was good, and returns were good. But, Ross Krautman missed both of his field goal attempts. One of which hit right off one of the uprights. BOOOOONNNNNGGG! 6 points off the board, just like that.
The offensive plan was good, like it has been. I even like the calls to go for it on 4th and goal each time they did that. You should have been able to score against 1-AA Stony Brook all of those times. They didn't, but that's more on the players than coaches. I would have liked to have seen the plays varied in those two goal line series, but other than that it was a solid coaching job today.
B- (2.68)
Syracuse beat Stony Brook. They should have crushed them, and not have trailed at the half. Either way, not too many complaints when it comes down to it.
D to Time Warner Cable / ESPN Regional for not putting a camera for the television broadcast on the 50 yard line. I mean seriously? And yes, that was really my only complaint on the day.
Syracuse next takes on Big Ten foe Minnesota at Minnesota this weekend in a primetime game. Now that Syracuse has earned their first win, can they use this to spur on another one? We'll find out this weekend.


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