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Monday Morning Quarterback 11/8/10

A quarterback can only do so much
I have a confession to make. Two days outside of Syracuse's 28-20 loss to Louisville, at home, and I have pretty much put a mental block on what happened in this game. Therefore, this article will be pretty short on discussion and analysis. But for whatever little bit I will write, let me check out two things that should jog my memory: the box score, and my twitter comments.
The box score tells the story of a mediocre statistical day for Ryan Nassib: 19 completions on 32 attempts (59%) for 155 yards and a touchdown. Unfortunately, there isn't a stat line for "drops." I truly think Nassib did the best he could in this game. He was under pressure all day, and when he was able to get the ball off in time, well at that point, the ball is out of his hands. Maybe that's where that saying comes from. At any rate, it's then up to his receiving corps to get the job done.
Receiving-wise, Nassib successfully got the ball to seven different players for completions: Alec Lemon (5 for 73 yards and a touchdown), Nick Provo (5 for 42 yards, including a couple 3rd down conversions), Van Chew (2 for 18 yards), Beckett Wales (2 for 9 yards), Delone Carter (2 for 7 yards), Antwon Bailey (2 for 5 yards), and Jose Cruz (1 for 1 yard). The fact that seven players got in on the passing game but nobody had more than 73 yards says a few things to me. First, that these receivers are not very good. More importantly, though, that Ryan Nassib will find anyone to keep a play going and pick up some yards -- even if it's only a couple.
Turning to my twitter comments from during the game, well, that's just not helping me. It's just a bunch of me being angry. I think we all were after this loss.
Things to blame this loss on:
  • Dropsies
  • Only 40k in the Dome
  • My brothers being in attendance
  • The "we could clinch a bowl berth" jitters
  • Anticipation for the end of Daylight Savings Time
  • Louisville scoring 8 more points than Syracuse
The Orange look to get back in the winning column and finally clinch that bowl berth this Saturday at Piscataway as they take on Rutgers at 3:30pm. And since it's a road game, Syracuse will probably win. Brian and I will be there, so if Syracuse loses, you can very clearly blame us, too.

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