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Doug is taking this s#!t seriously.
Syracuse is already going bowling this football season for the first time since 2004. So what's left? Plenty. Syracuse is, believe it or not, still in the hunt for the Big East's BCS berth. With a win against UConn, and a Pittsburgh loss, Syracuse will tie for first and the BCS Standings, which Syracuse currently leads, is the tiebreaker. Forgetting that for a moment though, Connecticut has five wins currently, so keeping rival Connecticut wanting for another week would be sweet. Plus, it's been a few years since we have handled the Huskies, so that would be nice bonus.
Connecticut is now led by QB Zach Fraser again. He's been adequate, but we all know what kind of team Connecticut is. With RB Jordan Todman, one of the best backs in the nation, this is a team that pounds the ball and dares opposing defenses to stop them. Syracuse is currently ranked fifth in the Big East in run defense thanks to the Rutgers game. Todman will find some success and could rack up some yards, however that does not necessarily mean that UConn will score more points than Syracuse. On the contrary, Connecticut lacks a true passing threat. They will take their shots, but chances are they will not succeed. Syracuse's defense has held far more adept offenses (See: West Virginia, South Florida), so the fact that Todman is a stud doesn't equate to success. Syracuse has been dreadful at home however, so that could be interesting. And Connecticut's offensive line is pretty talented. That all being said, much like Syracuse has faltered at home, Connecticut has been even worse than that on the road, including a ridiculous low at Louisville. Syracuse's offense has been just good enough lately not to hurt Syracuse, but I see this game, inside with no weather, to be the game Syracuse opens up a pass happy whooping, with Antwon Bailey and Delone Carter providing manageable passing situations and allowing for Ryan Nassib to take big shots down the field, ala 2004. A little business about a last minute extra touchdown at the end of last year's game at the Rentch is still in the minds of players and fans as well. Look for Syracuse to win another grinding game (how else would a game go for Syracuse?) at home over the Huskies 20 to 14.
Syracuse will again be seen nationally on ESPN U, this time in the evening hour of 7:00pm. With plenty of tailgates planned around the greater Syracuse area I'm sure you'll find something to do if you are in the Salt City. Also, at 3:30 on Saturday stop by the SU Bookstore and get an autographed copy of Sean Keeley's book. He'll be there, along with cover artist Mark Borkowski, so check that out. Otherwise, I'll be knee deep in alcoholic cider. It promises to be a good day. If we win, I'll be ecstatic and a mess in a good way. If we lose... well let's not consider that outcome just yet. I'll be around with John Brennan as always so if you see us, along with the several other Internet Famous Syracuse Twitterati or bloggers say hi.

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5 Responses to “Connecticut Quick Predictions”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    "With a win against UConn, and a Pittsburgh loss, Syracuse will tie for first and the BCS Standings, which Syracuse currently leads, is the tiebreaker."

    I'm going to assume you already know this, and this sentence was just poorly worded, but I am still going to go ahead and be "that guy"....

    If only Pitt and Syracuse tie for first, then the tiebreaker is head-to-head result, not the BCS standings. The BCS standings only come into play if there is a 3-way tie and all three teams are 1-1 against each other.

    Again - I assume you already knew this, but that sentence as written is incorrect.

    Oddly, if Pitt lost to USF, we would also need USF to win their remaining non-conference game against UConn, so that a 3-way tie results.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Sorry...their remaining *conference* game against UConn  

  3. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Yup... it's THAT GUUUUUUUY!

    There is a multitude of scenarios that could occur based on this weekend's results. The point was that the BCS is still in play with a win for Syracuse. But thanks for stopping by Anonymous. You're always so clever.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I was just trying to contribute to the discussion, and I even admitted during my post that I was being "that guy."

    I'm sorry. The fastest way to post on here is to just hit anonymous and post it. I don't think what I wrote is any less valid because it's anonymous. In fact, what I wrote was strictly factual. I wasn't even expressing an opinion that I could "stand behind."

    I'll not bother you again though.

    Go Orange.  

  5. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    I'm not saying don't participate. I'm saying participate in an actual debate. The point of the article is a preview of a game. Debate the information contained therein, not cursory to the point. Thanks for stopping by.  

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