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Tuesday night marked my triumphant return to the Dome for basketball, having been unavailable for the exhibitions and this past weekend's regular season games. For the third game in five days, Syracuse found itself looking for itself in the first half, then pulling away in the second half for the victory. Your Syracuse Orange win this one over Detroit 66-55.

Instead of in-depth analysis of the stats and the gameplay, I think this recap warrants a bunch of twitter-length statements:
  • What is it with this team and slow starts? And this one seemed slower than usual, for as usual as 2 prior games can show.
  • Scoop with a career high 27 points. Without him, Syracuse is dead in the water. Drowned. That's it & that's all.
  • Rick Jackson turned into a rebounding machine this offseason. Unless it's just been a size advantage. We'll confirm later.
  • I'm scared at the lack of an inside game. Sure it was the 2-3 zone, but YOU SEE IT EVERY DAY IN PRACTICE!
  • Team shot 36% from the field with Scoop's #s. Without, 27%. Ugg Lee! (Salute Your Shorts reference)
  • From 3 even worse: team was 23% with Scoop's #s. Without, 15%.
  • FTs? Sure I'll go there: 11 of 21 for 52%.
  • Actually a minor miracle this team won. They had no business winning. Luckily Detroit suffered from the same maladies. AND THEY SEE THE 2-3 IN PRACTICE EVERY DAY TOO!
  • Kris Joseph, where art thou? You went 0fer on the floor and fouled out.
  • Fab Melo, wherefor art thou? One basket and two blocks in 15 minutes.
  • The bench accounted for only 17 points. That hurts when your bench sees 61 minutes.
  • Scant crowd of 17,379, which ain't bad for a rainy Tuesday night. Mostly quiet but got into it a few times.
  • Why did the Dance Team do a routine to "Roxanne"? They do know that song's about a hooker, right?
  • Kiss Cam was eerily absent, but of course "Cotton Eyed Joe" reared its ugly head.
  • It was nice to be back in Section 309. Damn I love those seats!
Overrated or not, this team has a long way to go and a lot to prove. The next step in that process is this coming Sunday against William & Mary. We'll have a Preview of that one coming up this Friday, as well as the usual Quick Predictions for the football matchup against UConn. And with that, we now return you to your regularly scheduled UConn Hate Week.


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