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Calhoun, UConn Cited for NCAA Violations

Coach Calhoun is cited directly in the violations.
We strongly dislike UConn here at Orange::44. Personally for me, I lived in worked in CT for over a year myself and while I absolutely loved my job there, I hated almost everything about Connecticut, even unrelated to the university. And as my friends would testify to in court, I have been saying for several years, back to my time on the fine hill of Syracuse, that Coach Calhoun and the UConn program recruited dirty and that sometime in the future they would be hit with violations. That day has arrived. Connecticut and Jim Calhoun himself were cited for eight NCAA Violations today according to
While a hearing is scheduled for October in which Connecticut could be found responsible for this allegations, it is not good that these violations are being leveled. And they are mostly recruiting related. While I have no idea if the NCAA will go easy or hard on Connecticut should they be found responsible, the fallout at UConn is already underway. Two assistant coaches have resigned over the weekend and Jim Calhoun is of course already having awkward press conferences (what pressers of his aren't?). The moral of the story is UConn had a shit ton of illegal phone calls and text messages to a certain recruit that never ended up taking the court anyway because he was a solid citizen to begin with. Then on top of it, UConn lied to the NCAA about the violations. Calhoun himself is cited for "failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance". Well done.
Chances are no games will be voided, Jim Calhoun will still be the coach, and no postseason restrictions will occur. But they will most likely have scholarship restrictions and recruiting restrictions such as a limit on contact and coaches on the road. However, because scholarships are involved, and because Calhoun is cited directly, his reputation and the program may never recover. We don't know what the NCAA will do, but UConn fans should be worried out there.
We'll of course continue to watch the situation as it develops. Especially if it results in the demise of the Connecticut Basketball Program. Meanwhile, we wish luck to the Syracuse women's lacrosse team as they take on top seed Maryland in the Lacrosse Final Four this evening. And congratulations to Joel White for being named the best Midfielder in the nation, as well as John Galloway being named best goalie in the country.

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