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Many of us received this in our inboxes today. Now, I'm no graphic artist or anything, but there are some things in this that bother me. Mainly the lack of graphics. It's a lot of words, like watching The Passion of the Christ. But maybe my biggest gripe with this is the multicolored blue block S. Over a blue background. I love blue as much as the next guy, but since when weren't our S's in orange?
Still, though, I'm a lawyer, and reading things is kinda my bag, so I took a gander. If I enter a contest, I could win prizes! But the contest requires submitting a video, which can only be two minutes and must include my name and hometown. OK, I guess that's fair. But it also has to say why I'm the biggest SU football fan. That's tough. The prizes would have to really be worth it. So let's check out the prizes, shall we?
Autographs and photos with the team. Well I guess that's cool if the next David Tyree or Dwight Freeney or Donovan McNabb or Marvin Harrison is on the current squad. Beyond that, you've lost me.
Be involved in one practice. What the hell does this mean? Run laps with the team? Participate in no-impact thud drills? Get water for Charley Loeb? Thanks, but no thanks.
Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the press box. OK, this has potential. But it's a press box. Could there actually be anything behind-the-scenes about it, other than it's otherwise off-limits to those without credentials?
Attend a team dinner. Now you're talking! I bet these guys can eat. Where are we going? Scotch & Sirloin? Chipotle? HCDM's house? I'm in!
Receive a customize. Huh? Is this a thing?
Authentic football jersey. I'm guessing this probably goes with the "receive a customize[d]" with the proper verb conjugation. I'll admit. This would be pretty sweet. A 44 jersey with BRENNAN across the top. You can't go wrong.
Stand along the sidelines of the Spring Game. So I don't even get to sit down? I don't consider this a "prize," per se.
Call one play at the Spring Game. Pooch punt on third down? Yeah, they'll never see that coming!
So, some of these prizes are kinda cool, and the rest are total duds. In a cost/benefit analysis, I've determined I don't have the time or the talent to make the winning video between now and noon on April 8. Therefore, I'm taking myself out of the running. But, I expect the winner to come forward and share his or her stories with us here at Orange::44.
In all seriousness, though, it is yet to be determined if I will attend this Spring football game, to be held at the Carrier Dome on Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 1:00pm. Free parking and free admission, so if you're in Syracuse with nothing better to do, you should go. If I find myself there, or watching on TV if it's televised, look for another Monday Morning Quarterback article.

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  1. # Blogger Orange Chuck

    If I lived in Syracuse or this included airfare and hotel, I would be working on my video right now. Add a little Hulkamania spice with as much Syracuse merchandise as I could fit on at once.  

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