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Syracuse is now officially out of the Bowl Game hunt. That happened courtesy of the Louisville Cardinals, a team even Greg Robinson had been beating. We should have again, were it not for several failings of football competency. Sadly the road does not get any better for Syracuse as they host a rolling Rutgers squad on Senior Day.

Rutgers, fresh off their crushing defeat of South Florida 31-0, enters the Carrier Dome ready to earn win #8 on the season. After beating the likes of Howard, Florida International, and Texas Southern in the non-conference slate, they have gone on to beat Connecticut and South Florida in the conference slate, but lost to Cincinnati on opening day and a very good Pittsburgh team over a month ago. This team is a bit of a conundrum to me at the moment, as I did not think they have been good at all this season, then they go and blow the doors off of USF. The statistics are not that great for either team, but Rutgers manages to score points. QB Tom Savage (109/198, 1535yds, 10 TD, 2 INT) has been good enough this season to have Rutgers keep winning games they should. Meanwhile, Syracuse has got problems man. They just lost another key defense player for the year in Derrell Smith, who led the team in tackles and sacks. Just great. Syracuse will be hard pressed to put pressure on the quarterback and stop the above average rush attack from Rutgers. However, this game should still be won through the air by Rutgers, in what will be an ugly game not in terms of the score, but it terms of how anemic Syracuse will probably be, and how tragic some breaks will go. Rutgers over Syracuse in this one, 31 to 13.

I’m going to this game, which is apparently the only way you can see it if you don’t have ESPN360. This game is not even being broadcast on Time Warner Cable Sports. Frankly I think I’m going hate being here, because it would be like knowing a car wreck will happen, and being powerless to stop it, but nevertheless I am a fan and it is Senior Day, so I will sit and cheer. I make no promises on my sobriety or depression levels. At least they were kind enough to put it at 3:30pm instead of noon. Either way, tune into myself and Orange::44 Correspondent on Twitter as per usual (@BH_Orange44 and @JBren) as we will probably be drunk and hilarious. Or just bitter. We aren’t exactly sure yet. Either way it will be something I’m sure. Hopefully the basketball team can get another big win and ease the pain.
Finally though, I want to say thank you and congratulations to the seniors that day in and day out give their all for this team and this program. You deserve much more than your career win/loss record, but you stuck in there and played hard every game. Congratulations and good luck to all fo them in the future.

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    Flip those scores and you made a very impressive prediction!  

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