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BlogPoll 2009 - Week 2

3Southern Cal
5Penn State
6Brigham Young 11
7Mississippi 1
8California 2
9Boise State 4
10LSU 1
11Oklahoma 3
12Ohio State 6
13Georgia Tech 1
14Virginia Tech 3
15Oklahoma State 8
16Cincinnati 6
17TCU 1
18Utah 3
19Nebraska 1
20Georgia 2
21Miami (Florida)
23North Carolina 4
24Kansas 3
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oregon (#23), Iowa (#24), Pittsburgh (#25).
Editor’s Note: I apologize for the lateness of the posting of this week’s BlogPoll. Usually my BlogPoll ballot is up on Monday mornings before noon, but obviously with the malfunction of the blog over the last few days, it rendered the posting of this moot until the problem was resolved.

* The top looks about the same, with Florida firmly entrenched until a loss. #2 – #5 are also the same. They should stay until they lose.

*Bye Pittsburgh, Iowa, and Oregon. Pittsburgh is unbeaten and handled Buffalo, but it was against Buffalo, and those other teams look better. They have a real test this week, and should make it back to the poll if they win. Oregon won, but only by two, so for the same reason they drop out. Same for Iowa.

* BYU makes the biggest jump after their 54-3 drubbing of Tulane in New Orleans. I wasn’t convinced they were the real deal the week before, but now I am, along with everyone else apparently.

* Boise State takes advantage of the Oklahoma State and Ohio State losses.

* I may be a Big East homer, but you have to agree Cincinnati is looking awfully good these days. They won 70 – 3. They jump six slots.

* I’m really not big on any of the teams in slots #18 – #25, but someone has to fill them. UNC won, but they dropped four by almost losing. They probably should have lost to UConn actually. Houston makes it to the list after beating Oklahoma State and being unbeaten. Kansas played against UTEP, but dropped because, although they won, they played a weak opponent and Michigan and The U I think are better teams right now.
Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Yes, you can again now that the blog is fixed.

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