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Don't worry ACC, the Big East still doesn't like you.
It is not a shocking revelation to note that college football makes the college sports world go round. Simply put, college football makes the most money for the NCAA and its member schools. This is especially the case for Division 1-A, the BCS Championship Subdivision. Thus, when the whole Big East/ACC situation of a few years ago happened, no doubt you had strong feelings about it. If you are reading this blog, chances are you are a Syracuse fan or at least pay higher attention to the Big East Conference in general, therefore you were very interested when Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College defected the conference for “greener pastures” in the ACC, leaving the Big East scrambling for replacements in football. At this point everyone saw the conference basically left for dead. But the Big East is not dead by any means, and the unintentional byproduct of the entire affair is quite possibly the best basketball conference that will ever be assembled. Brian McCormack of the blog The Business of College Football recently contacted me for my take on the entire Big East/ACC shake up, looking back, where we currently are, and were we are probably heading. Truth is, it was quite an interesting thing from the Syracuse perspective. The actual story with my comments can be found here. Included in the article are comments from Matt Zemek of and Drew Howard of the blog College Gridiron Boss. It should be an interesting read. One comment I think should be noted, but I did not write about initially was the fact that the ACC Championship Game for the past three years has actually been a Big East Championship, with Miami, VTech, or BC competing for it almost every year. Good to know our teams are still better than the ACC.

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12 Responses to “ACC Deez Nuts!”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You got no cred. Just two seasons ago Wake played GT for the ACC championship. making stuff up to prove a point weakens your poorly crafted defense of the Big Least  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Let's see. The 5th place team from the ACC waxed The Big Least co-champion a mere 6 months ago.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Miami hasn't even reached the ACC title game. I know it is difficult to research THREE years of stats, so I can understand why you didn't take the time to check your work. Way to go.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Wait, you guys expected statistical accuracy in an article entitled "ACC Deez Nuts!"?

    The Big Least is probably the worst conference academically in the NCAA and isn't even close to strong enough athletically to justify it.  

  5. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    God I love starting shit. My overall point is that the Big East is not dead, and all the anti-ACC stuff was just window dressing for my own amusement.

    Maybe Buzz was right. With all these anonymous posts it’s like the Wild West over here. At least put your name on stuff people.  

  6. # Anonymous mark

    I don't understand how anyone can really defend the ACC. Their BCS record is..... 1-9!!!! Moreover, the ACC actually has as many total BCS bowl wins as the Western Athletic Conference and the Mountain West Conference. Insult the Big East as much as you want, but at least the Big East wins the bowl games that count. Way to go Atlantic Coast Conference, you've consistently shown that you're just as powerful as the WAC.  

  7. # Blogger Zach Smith

    I'm more than happy to defend the ACC, in fact I already did it back in January.

    ACC Bowl Woes Don't Equal Woeful Conference

    Plus, I'm the exact opposite of anonymous.  

  8. # Anonymous mark

    Hey Zach,
    I'm impressed and shocked that a seemingly central part of your argument is premised on pre-season polls. Using that tortured logic, one could determine the quality of a boxer based upon the opening line. Hell, why even have a football season when a bunch of sportswriters have already neatly ranked each team from 1-20 before any downs have been played. That way we could save all the controversy the BCS, prevent injuries and let people have their Saturday afternoons off.

    Second point, you wrote that you're perplexed about why people put so much stock into bowl games. Did you consider Money,TV coverage, Endorsements? For example, each of the two teams that play in a BCS game split 17 million dollars. Furthermore, people seem to be generally interested in watching the champion of a BCS conference play the champion of another BCS conference. This way it gives an actual way to determine how good a team from one conference is compared to another conference, instead of relying on the opinion of a sportswriter. Id. at para 1. Moreover, you have criticized the time off between the end of the season and the bowl games. However, all the teams that are playing in the bowl games have equal time off. It's not like the Big East plays another 3 weeks of football while the ACC is forced to wait around in Blacksburg to play their bowl game.

    Third, you mentioned that Virginia Tech has played some close games. Here, however, the ACC is consistently losing those games. When a team that represents a conference loses games they then in turn lose money and cache. See supra para 2.

    Finally, you mentioned that since Oklahoma has lost four straight BCS games, and you are wondering why people don't think that Oklahoma is poor football school. However, the Big XII has no problem winning BCS games. See KU, Org. Bw. 2008; Texas, Rose Bw. 2006; Oklahoma, Rose Bw. 2003; Oklahoma, Nat'l Champ. 2001; Nebraska, Fiesta Bw. 2000. Therefore, the argument that Oklahoma is poor, does not hold water as the Big XII is able to WIN BCS games rather consistently.

    In American sports, the worth of a team is based upon the post season. American sports have not embraced the European model of English Premiership, whereby the club with the best record at the end of the season is crowned champion. Here, in the US, every single major sport has a post season to determine the champion. See MLB; NFL; and also, NHL. For instance, no one is saying that the Patriots are the champions. That belongs to the Giants, because they won the Super Bowl. All American sports are based around the post-season. The argument about time off is not well-taken, as each team has the same amount as their opponent in college football. See supra para 2.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Anybody can "start shit" when they don't have facts or accuracy on their side. Congrats on not being very good at what you do.

    Also, who knew that an entire conference should be judged by its top performer? I guess that means that the ACC was a better bball conf this past year b/c UNC beat Louisville and made the Final 4. The ACC and Big East both suck at the top (hence WVU's blowing it against Pitt, AT HOME!, for their shot in the title game). I'd say the fact that the ACC's #5 can beat the Big East's co-champ with ease shows how bad the BE is after WVU.

    And best of luck to the Orange this year. Maybe you guys can win 2 games in conference play. No small feat for you guys, I'm sure.  

  10. # Blogger dkelz1888

    It's probably worth noting the success of the former Big East teams in the ACC in hoops too. Miami and VTech were bottom-dwellers in the BE, now they're competitive. The Big East owns the ACC, just face it.  

  11. # Anonymous Axeman

    "Deez Nuts"...*giggle*  

  12. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Once again Axe you have the exact comment needed at the exact time needed.  

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