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Donte, We Hardly Knew You

It is reported Donte will declare for the NBA Draft.
It has been reported by Axeman and Draft Express that Donte Greene is declaring for the NBA Draft. Apparently the draft board has him being selected 12th, going to the Sacramento Kings. Draft Express describes Greene as:

A smooth and extremely talented 6-11 wing player, was one of the most highly touted members of this year's freshman class, and finished second in the Big East in scoring. He struggled with poor shot-selection at times this season and failed to make the NCAA tournament, but will still be viewed as one of the more unique players in this year's pool due to his terrific combination of size, athleticism, perimeter skills and upside.

I know the NBA Draft really drafts potential, but Donte Greene? Really?! Greene had a few nice games, but for most of the second half of the season he was part of the problem and not the solution. He seemed unwilling to learn from Jim Boeheim most times, and he saying he suffered from poor shot-selection at times is a pretty sizable understatement. His defense could be best described as lazy and soft. Still, am I upset? Not particularly. If anything I feel disappointed for Greene. He may get somewhat of a payday, but he missed out on the experience. That is what life is about; experience, not a payday. He spent one season at Syracuse and for all the practice he put in he accomplished absolutely nothing of significance. He was not even the best freshman in the conference. So if it in fact is true that Greene will go I do wish him luck, but cannot help to feel sorry for a kid that probably would have jumped to the NBA had the one year rule not be in place, and really did not do anything too significant in that one year. He also leaves a team that looks to be absolutely solid the next season.

What does this mean for the team as a whole? Not too much in my opinion. Andy Rautins and Eric Devendorf will be back next season, Flynn and Harris will be even more solid as they were this season, and three nice freshmen will be arriving on campus. This team will still be great, and best case scenario next season is that we now have three to five less “turnovers” because of Greene’s poor shot selection. While I am not rejoicing that he is leaving, many out there in Orange Nation are, and for Greene that is another sad fact.

I will have much more on this in my Season In Review coming out most likely next week. Due to this news I am again bumped from On The Block and am now scheduled to appear at 3:30pm on Friday. At least that is the current word from Axe. Stay tuned because probably at about 8:30pm tomorrow night I’ll be shoved to appear in May.
UPDATE: It has become official.


14 Responses to “Donte, We Hardly Knew You”

  1. # OpenID flipnastywebby

    He's a punk-ass. If he goes to the NBA he will not be a star player and his only legacy will be that he couldn’t pass the ball to save his life at SU and cost us a bunch of close games. Dante you need to stay work on your fundamentals. Passing being one of them. Shot selection, just cause you can shoot the three in a few games doersn't mean you're NBA material.
    Go a head, leave, sit the bench, get made fun of by the professionals. you wont see a damn minute of play if the first touch you have is bad shot from the arch...if you havent noticed was further out than the college Dante! Your best games were won in the paint and taking mid range jumpers. Solidify that game then work on the three ball. While you're at it, ball handling should be on your list, and passing. Over all......EVERYTHING needs work. Unless you wanna wear your ass as a hat when you attempt to run with the big boys I suggest that you stay another year and sharpen up your skills. Think of it this way, if you are a better player entering the draft, you will get more money, if money is what youre after. plus you dont wanna be the first player from SU to go to the NBA since 03' with out an NCAA title do you?  

  2. # Blogger Russianator

    We are going to need a power forward next year.....we've got a team of 6'5 SF/SGs next year....  

  3. # Anonymous Axeman

    You are becoming to my show what Matt Damon is to Jimmy Kimmel  

  4. # Blogger Poncho Sinatra

    So Axe, you are F&*^i%g Brian Harrison? Interesting video option for the show? It's going to become NC-17 really fast!


  5. # Anonymous Scottie

    While Donte may seem like a bust in the NBA at first, further down the road I think he will be fine. Look at Andrea Blatche out of Henniger right here in Syracuse. He skipped college and it seemed as though it was a huge mistake - and it was - for the first 3 years. He is now cruising for the Wizards and is having a productive season. Donte needs 2-3 more solid years of improvement before he is really ready. The question is - Do you stay in Syracuse 1 more year and develop and still need a year in the NBA to really come along? OR Do you go to the NBA now, make millions and develop while living a life of luxory? Any person in their right mind would take the millions. I am sad to see him go in some aspects because we need the big swing man on our team, but I think the scoring will come elsewhere next year. Also, lets not forget about Devo's poor defense - we may be losing lazy Donte, but we still have lazy Devo  

  6. # Blogger Jason

    Who are the 3 freshmen?  

  7. # Anonymous Scottie

    Mookie Jones - SF - 6'6" - 190lbs
    Kris Joseph - SF - 6'7" - 210lbs
    James Southerland - SF - 6-6 - 190lbs  

  8. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    The Hoops roster in the "Unflushable" section on the right is completely up to date.  

  9. # Blogger Jason

    Thought Southerland was orignally going to be moved to the class of 2009?  

  10. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    That may be, but he will be entering the freshmen class in the fall. At least as of this moment.  

  11. # Blogger Jason

    i guess i need to read the DO more.  

  12. # Anonymous josh

    I disagree with your last point that this doesn't mean much for the team. Sure they will still be a solid team and upper-level in the conference, but if Greene stuck around they'd have a lot more potential. With Devendorf back he wouldn't have to carry so much of the outside shooting load, his shot selection and turnovers would improve automatically. They would be much more potent on offense with him than without. And the zone will be less potent without his length on the wing, and his chance of blocking shots from the weak side. (I can't believe I'm saying we will miss his defense but I think it's true in the final analysis.)

    I think this was the right choice for him personally, but as a fan looking forward to next season I'm sad to see him go.  

  13. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Yeah I still have to disagree with you on the defense part. Yes he was long, but if a zone is active it does not matter. Case in point, Kristof! He was able to bump up to cover the shooters, slide back and crash the middle, and still had the ability to get to the wing to put a hand in someone's face. This did not happen with Donte for a variety of reasons. Since Hakim Warrick has left, length in the zone has not been what it used to be, yet I do not think that has been an issue in the past 3 seasons whatsoever.

    Additionally, am I saying that we would not be able to use his offense? Clearly not. Anytime you have a player like that he will be used in some fashion. However, the overall point of my article is that this is no reason to panic. We will be a good to great team and compete for the top spot in the league with or without him. The only reason he shot so much this year was the absence of the shooters and they are back. With an improved Onuaku in the middle, Flynn running the floor, top quality shooters, and Paul Harris getting even better, will I miss him? I doubt you will even think about him next season.  

  14. # OpenID flipnastywebby

    Im not worried about the team, I just dont see Dante as an NBA contender.

    Now Anthony....yeah, he had NBA all over him and Warrick too. Dante just seems to green for my tastes. Best of luck to him in his carreer.

    Oh, and if I were him, I would sleep on a bed of money to easy the pounding hes gonna take in the NBA, that is if he doesnt get cut for being a F*@#. THANKS!  

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