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Scoop... love you man, but after the third miss I'd have stopped.
The NIT first round was a huge disappointment. This game was far better. Syracuse started out slow, but they win a nice, convincing game against a good road team. Jim Boeheim beats his old friend Gary Williams and the Maryland Terrapins 88 to 72.

Jonny Flynn led the scoring effort for the Orange. Was this kid ever hurt? I am not so convinced. He had 23 points and seven assists. He played just as well this game as any other. He shot well from the floor dropping three of four from long range. Flynn continues to boost the Orange and this young man will surely be outstanding the rest of the NIT if he remains healthy.

Paul Harris had nineteen points and ten rebounds. Another double-double for the most improved player on the Orange. Paul managed to control his dribbling this game, and earn some quality drives, as well as some sweet mid-range shots.

Donte Greene (not Dante, ESPN) had a nice 16 points, four rebounds, four assists, and made two for five from long range. He certainly did not suck as much this game as the last. He only had one turnover, and played a nice low post game. Much better Donte.

Onuaku also had a solid game down low. Arinze had 14 points and 14 boards. While Syracuse was beat on some very easy rebounds, they managed to do better than Maryland in part because of Onuaku’s efforts. Solid game.

Kristof! Ongenaet had a good game for himself as well. He only scored eight points, but he played solid defense and got points when no one else was around. He is a worker, and simply just does what he can to help this team play another game.

Scoop Jardine had a nice 19 minutes of play with six points. He hit three in a row, and felt so confident he proceeded to miss the next six. But, Syracuse won the game so I cannot be too mad at the young man.

Syracuse’s free throw percentage again stayed high. They shot 68% from the line, earning 15 of 22 attempts. Syracuse’s field goal percentage stayed right at 50%, with 34 of 68 shots finding the bottom of the net. Syracuse must continue to play and shoot well to stay in this stacked field of good NIT teams.

Limiting turnovers were key in this game. Syracuse stalled in the first half offensively, and in the entire game Syracuse committed 12 turnovers, Harris and Kristof! earning three a piece. But Maryland committed 18. It also helped that Syracuse’s defense earned 12 steals and 4 blocked shots.

This was a tale of two halves for the Orange. Syracuse was poor in the first half in scoring, but the second half showed several runs of sheer offensive brilliance. This led to Syracuse having an insurmountable lead down the stretch and Syracuse was able to put away Maryland at least by the Under Four time out. The big men of Maryland gave Syracuse some trouble, but it was all Orange in the end.

The attendance for this game was 14,768. Much better than just over 10,500 last game. Hopefully it will be even more for the next game at home. The fan base has really been good this season through it all and I hate to think that they would abandon them, even after winning a couple in the NIT.

Syracuse will next meet the winner of Saturday’s game; #6 Akron v. #2 UMass. This is your complete up to date NIT Bracket here. I personally am hoping for UMass so Syracuse can possibly avenge their earlier loss to them in the regular season. However, reflecting on the Maryland affair, it was a nice one. After the bitter taste Robert Morris left in my mouth, it was good to have a refreshing game there instead. Like a Cookiewich in the Dome, it was delicious and enjoyable.

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2 Responses to “Maryland - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR A Refreshing Win”

  1. # Blogger MariusJanulisForThree

    I was thinking of sending a "My Condolences" fruit basket to UConn, you want to get in on that?  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    Coincidence would have it, I was in a UConn bar in Storrs with some friends during that game. I didn't think I would get so much pleasure out of their misery but I did. A fruit basket is the least I can do.  

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