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The Big East Tournament Report: Second Round

Drama prevents me from changing the station.
It was a big day for the Big East. There were some dandy contests, and I saw my only fleeting motivations to watch the games, my predictions on how I thought the tournament would go, evaporate before my eyes. Either way, I cannot be too pissed because I am officially now on Spring Break from my law school and I can enjoy some March Madness, unfettered by classes and studying.

#8 Villanova v. #1 Georgetown
This game was mostly Georgetown getting it done from long distance. While Scottie Reynolds did his part by leading his team in scoring with 13 points, it was not even close to help his team against the likes of Jesse Sapp and Jon Wallace. The Hoyas combined for a record 17 three point baskets, and shot 61% from behind the arc. It also helped that ‘Nova only shot 33% total from the floor. Interestingly enough, Roy Hibbert had zero points in this one. Georgetown has never lost a Big East Tournament game when possessing the number one seed and they will advance to the Semifinal Round. Final Score : Villanova 63 – Georgetown 82.

#5 West Virginia v. #4 Connecticut
Connecticut has failed to get past their first game in the BET in four years. They get off the bus, they play the game, they get on the bus, they go home. Simple as that. West Virginia played a much cleaner game today. While AJ Price had a nice game with 22 points, Joe Alexander had 34 points and he was far and away the superior person on the floor. It also did not help that Jim Calhoun blew a gasket while in the Garden and looked like he was going to pull a Bobby Knight. West Virginia bounced back from their narrow win over providence to stick it to UConn, and they are rewarded with a trip to meet Georgetown in the next round. UConn… U SUCK! Final Score: West Virginia 78 – Connecticut 72.

#7 Pittsburgh v. #2 Louisville
Once again, you cannot bet against the Panthers during the Big East Tournament. They always do well in NYC and manage to get a whiff of the championship. It is a round too early to tell how they will do, but they always seem to manage to get near the big game. They proved it by beating a much more consistent and talented team in Louisville. This game was the dramatic game I was seeking in the BET, as Pittsburgh took L’ville to overtime, and proceeded to grind out points until it was out of reach of the Cards. This was a fun game to watch, and showed just how interesting the Big East Tournament can be. Pittsburgh advances and my prediction of L’ville winning the whole thing are put to rest. Final Score in Overtime: Pittsburgh 76 – Louisville 69.

#6 Marquette v. #3 Notre Dame
At least I called one upset right. This Marquette team that found it a tad difficult to seal the deal on the Hall, wins a nice game against a team that should have probably won this game. This game was pretty close all the way through, but with about ten minutes remaining Marquette slowly but steadily inched away from the Irish. Kyle McAlarney contributed with 20 points, but Jerel McNeal stole the show with 28 points. Luke Harangody, the Big East Player of the Year, only added 13 points and he could not lead his team to the next round. Marquette will take on Pittsburgh tomorrow in the late game Friday. Final Score: Marquette 89 – Notre Dame 79.

Day two showed us a few more exciting games than we had the day before, including overtime contest. That is what Big East Basketball is all about; not knowing who will wind up victorious until the game is played. The third round should be interesting, as Pittsburgh and Georgetown are in the mix, and the smart money is on seeing them play for the Big East Championship and that sweet auto-bid. However, at this point, the sexy pick is Marquette upsetting Pittsburgh tomorrow, preventing the Panthers from getting to the last game again, as well as repeating last years final game. Hopefully we will see another set of quality basketball games in the next round and a bit of drama. Enjoy the continuing soap opera that is Championship Week.

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