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BlogPoll Ballot: Week Five

The Ballot:

1Southern Cal--
3California 2
4Ohio State 3
5South Florida 10
6Florida 2
7Boston College 3
8Wisconsin 3
9Oklahoma 3
10Kentucky 6
11Georgia 2
12Oregon 2
13West Virginia 10
14Missouri 3
15Virginia Tech 3
16Texas 8
17South Carolina 2
18Cincinnati 4
19Arizona State 5
20UCLA 6
21Hawaii 2
22Purdue 4
23Clemson 11
24Michigan 1
25Florida State 1

Dropped Out: Rutgers (#9), Penn State (#20), Alabama (#21).

The Shoddy Reasoning:
See you in Hell, Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights will not reappear on my ballot until Schiano beats somebody.

Are California and Ohio State actually better than South Florida? Methinks no, but its tough to gauge a team that beat a bi-polar Auburn squad and a West Virginia team -- at home -- that may nor may not have legitimate Big East title chances.

Yup, still ranking Georgia ahead of South Carolina.

I'm still not locked in on Boston College and Wisconsin. May as well throw Kentucky inot that bunch, too.

I'm not sure how this happened, but Oregon lost and moved up. That's more an indictment of teams six through 25 than the Ducks' talent (or lackthereof).

I'm willing to listen to LSU over Southern California arguments. Remember, however, that LSU looked like deep-fried dog shit for three-quarters of the first half.

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2 Responses to “BlogPoll Ballot: Week Five”

  1. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    #1 - The phrase "See you in Hell, Rutgers" should be used way more often on this site.

    #2 - I agree with you about USF, but the bigger story might be who the hell saw Cincy coming?

    #3 I think LSU could beat USC head to head, but they were unimpressive last weekend.

    #4 - I apologize for not being more harsh in my Miami report card. I promise I'll be more bitter after WVU.  

  2. # Blogger MariusJanulisForThree

    You had me at "See you in Hell, Rutgers." I did one of those spit-laughs and then proceeded to clean the spittle off my computer screen. Thanks for that.  

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