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I'd feel bad about this loss if I wasn't this big and going home to the twins.

This was by no means a bad loss in losing to #19 Notre Dame, but this was a bad loss in terms of reality. The team allowed 61 points in the first half and 103 total. As my friends would say, “are you joking?!”

We lose when we allow 11 three pointers to fall for ND. In years past we have stuck with the zone through the whole game, surviving at the Joyce center several games by letting them shoot themselves out of the game in the second half. This did not happen in this game as ND’s offense continued to be consistent down the stretch. They managed to close a game, unlike the Orange.

It is also a fairly sure bet then when Eric Devendorf does not score any points we will probably fall short. 0-6 from three point territory and 0-11 field goals in 26 minutes is a pretty poor outing. At least he only committed two turnovers. Scoring is the enemy of losing.

We, once again, committed more turnovers then Notre Dame. Josh Wright and Paul Harris combined for half of the 16 we committed. Paul, I again will tolerate because he is a freshman and basically building his resume as a four year player/lottery pick if he is lucky. Wright, on the other hand, continues his campaign as the teams ATM. Outstanding job handling the ball boys.

Nichols performed admirably contributing 29 points, including three baskets from behind the arc. A solid effort, but with no supporting cast it still leads to a loss.

Terrence Roberts contributed 20, but again Syracuse cannot live on D&T alone. Devendorf and Wright need to contribute as well, along with the Canadian Sensation Andy Rautins, if we hope to win against top competition in the Big East.

We had more rebounds then Notre Dame, however converting these rebounds was the key, which of course didn’t happen, especially for Devendorf.

All in all a disappointing defensive effort, coupled with offensive woes that The ‘Cuse just couldn’t overcome. I mentioned in the last essay that this team needed a serious dose of heart and leadership. It appears that going against #19 Notre Dame was not the game to try that. Now the team needs heart, leadership, and a big dose of consistency. Field goal droughts, Devendorf scoring zero, and Nichols hating play in the Big East are all the enemies of this team right now. The team needs to play with hustle, but playing intelligent basketball that maximizes the possessions they have. While the team struggles to find out who they are and what they are made of, the rest of the Orange Nation wonders if we can stand seeing a team in the NIT. Losing in the first round is tough enough, but to not make the tournament or have 20 wins might be a bigger shock and create more of an outrage. Of course it is not like Boeheim is in danger of losing his job. Matt Glaude will break down the major implications for the teams tournament status, but as of right now we are in danger of ending up for way too many games in Madison Square Garden.

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