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You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

"I just can't stand Larry Coker anymore. "

Taking a cue from our friend Peter Griffin, and seeing as I am presented with this public forum, and there are many things lately that are upsetting in the world of college athletics, I’m going to air my grievances like I’m at a Festivus Party.

Does anybody really know how the hell this works? It still boggles my mind that computers determine who plays in the National Championship game. Like we don’t have people who can figure this out with votes, or maybe there is even a better way. 1-AA football has a playoff system. No problems. Adding a playoff will only create more games and more $$$, which as we all know makes the world and college football go round. The system works with the computers, but it could work better and eliminate a lot of questions.
Ohio State #1...USC #2...

Larry Coker
This guy should have been fired, or more admirably should have resigned from his position. This brawl was clearly the last straw in this tumultuous year at The U. Larry should have seen the writing on the wall and left with some dignity and honor. Now he’ll probably be fired in January, and no one wants to be fired. He should go do TV or something for a couple of years and then come back to a struggling, but prominent program. I hear Comcast has an opening for a color man to broadcast Miami Football games.

Along that note, what the heck is going on with sportsmanship in college? I suppose it has always been there, but it just seems in the last couple of seasons that people are going buck wild. Marcus Vick, formally of Virginia Tech comes to mind. After shooting the old one finger salute down in Morgantown, he proceeded to stop on the back of the leg and then take a step on a Louisville player. That has to hurt like a bitch. There is the current Miami-FIU brawl. There is Tony Skinn on George Mason last year hitting a Hofstra player right in the cash and prizes. This stuff has got to stop in college sports. Keep your hands (and feet and cleats and helmets and shot clocks) to yourself. Oh, and if stuff goes down, grow some balls and suspend your kids for an appropriate length regardless of who is upcoming on your schedule. Suspending them for Duke is not a punishment.

I give Randy Edsall some credit, when he sees his players doing something wrong he comes down on them. But the university is wrong in the way they deal with discipline. Consistency is what every deliberative body should strive for. UConn decides the punishment based on how good you are at basketball. Case in point: AJ Price and Marcus Williams. Both did the same thing. Marcus gets a 6 month suspension, AJ gets 12. Marcus was the starting point guard. AJ was sidelined the previous season with a medical condition. Uh… please tell me I’m not the only one that sees this and things it is really wrong. Equal punishment for the crime is what HAS to happen in college. You have to or you disgrace your institution.

Hey, we’re all in the blogging business or you wouldn’t be reading this. Do us a favor though? If you are going to call us idiots at least leave your name. Show you believe in what you are saying, even if you are terribly and tragically wrong. I’ll at least listen to you then.

The New NCAA Football Clock Rules
Yeah I was all pissed off when I heard about these changes. Granted you blink after kickoff and it is already down to 14:25 remaining in the first quarter. However, it really doesn’t change the game that much. Coaches don’t alter their strategies any more then they did before when the clock ticks down. I’m actually glad being that Syracuse is riddled with injuries that the games are shorter because everyone plays a 12 game schedule now. Even the most seasoned athletic body can get hurt in college, therefore people need to drop the clock as an excuse for anything. I was wrong, Dave Wannstedt was right.

That is all from me for now. I feel better. I can’t believe you wasted precious minutes of your life reading this. Hopefully it didn’t make you more stupid. Then again... maybe it did.

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  1. # Blogger Johnny

    I felt obligated to read it after my last rant. You know how Edsall was saying there was a lot more to it than just beer? Well it all came out today. I'm talking weed yaw, and it's relly funny. One of the players that was dismissed had been very vocal in the fact that he was innocent, and it turns out he was busted in December for posession and intent to sell. And really if you look at it this way, it would seem that the school was trying to cover up for the players first offenses. Otherwise, I think the UConn beat writers would have mentioned something about these guys past's before now.  

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