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Dr. Gross to Concrete: "Hit the Bricks!"
There's no reason to beat around the bush: the Carrier Dome is a very dank and cold building. The familiar gray of concrete surrounds virtually every nook and cranny of the building, save the ominous white of the teflon ceiling. In 2006, however, the Carrier Dome will become a little more chic and a lot more awesome.

As Syracuse Post-Standard staff writer Donnie Webb notes in today's truncated edition, Dr. Gross has once again placed his substantial fingerprint on the Northeast's finest athletic facility:
When you walk into the Carrier Dome now, you know that national championships have been won at Syracuse University.

The banners have been replaced by what are essentially national championship billboards. They have been installed into the upper corners of the Carrier Dome.

Not all of the banners have arrived or gone up. Some of them were on display during a media event on Wednesday to inspect the new Executive Club Box that's taken over Section 208 in the mezzanine corner of the end zone.

There are three billboards per corner and each is about 30 feet by 20 feet. They are made of mesh by a Michigan company called Britten Banners & Event Solutions.

Football has been assigned the southeast corner. Basketball has the southwest corner and lacrosse will go into the northeast corner.
While such a grandiose project smacks of tackiness, the end products are surprisingly tasteful:

UPDATE: Syracuse Athletics has posted a "banner gallery" for your viewing pleasure. The photos aren't as clear as the Syracuse Post-Standard images appearing above, but they do provide a better context as to how the banners are placed within the Dome's confines.

(Hat Tip: Collin Long)

The lacrosse banners, according to Webb, have not yet arrived. One need not stretch his or her imagination too far to expect that some combination of Gary/Paul Gait, Casey/Ryan/Mike Powell, and Roy Simmons Jr./Sr. will appear on the giant placards.

Someone Would Actually Pay $6,000 to Watch the Orange?
In an effort to generate revenue (and, residually, to create a caste system within the Dome), Syracuse Athletics has announced the creation of an "Executive Club Seating Area." For a mere donation of $6,000, you can have the privilege of sitting alongside some of Central New York's stuffiest people:
The Executive Club Seating area is located in sections 207 and 208, and will feature a host of amenities, including: two 42” LCD color televisions, a gourmet buffet (complete with complimentary soda and beer), a wait service, and a cash bar. The area features premier visibility for both football and basketball games.

“We wanted to enhance the amenities we offer to our fans,” said Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross. “The Executive Club Seating area adds to the menu for those who support Syracuse Athletics. We’re excited about the atmosphere we’ve created, and we believe that everyone will enjoy the game from this area.”

With your donation of $6,000 per year, you will receive one football and one men’s basketball season ticket in addition to all of the above amenities. A portion of your donation is tax deductible. Access to preferred parking is as a benefit from your donation.

3 Responses to “Dome Improvements”

  1. # Anonymous Tom

    I hope they do up up the lacrosse banners...Imagine all the different, and FUCKING AMAZING action shots they can put on a banner including Gary Gait and the Powells.. Air Gait against Penn anyone?? Who am I kidding, they'll probably ruin them with a close-up of Mike and his batman-like black face paint.
    You're right though, they do actually look pretty nice, I'm looking forward to seeing them live.  

  2. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    I wouldn't mind seeing this picture somehow assimilated into the banner:

    Althought the Air Gait would be tight as well, considering it actually happened in the Dome.  

  3. # Blogger Dave Pearson

    A) I think the most important aspect of these banners is being overlooked... where does the Canadian flag go?

    2) Why doesn't a $6000 seat get you a free rum and coke?

    C) Here's the image for your lax banner:  

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