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BasketBlogPoll: Preseason

Roll out the orange leather, baby. It's time for some college hoops!

Alex, the local proprietor of CrossCyed, has decided that college hoops needs its own version of a BlogPoll. So he put out the word, and the masses came calling.

While this experiment has yet to generate the kind of buzz and participation that Brian's football BlogPoll has, it is, at least at the moment, infested with a solid grouping of basketball freak shows making the potential for worthwhile hoops discourse a strong possibility. A sampling of the voters includes:

Hawkeye Hoops
A stat head who does a terrific job of charting the Big Ten.

Patriot League Hoops
The universities may be mid-major, but the analysis is first-rate.

YOCO :: College Basketball
News, and an assload of it at that.

With that said, onto my initial ballot. Like my football ballot, this submission is open to comments and criticism.

BasketBlogPoll: Preseason
4.Michigan State0-0-
11.Boston College0-0-
16.West Virginia0-0-
17.George Washington0-0-
20.Wake Forest0-0-

4 Responses to “BasketBlogPoll: Preseason”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Syracuse.... waaay overrated.

    I'm predicting terrible things for this team. They trade Hak for Devendorf. That dude has the worst white-trash chinstrap beard since Gerry Mac. Oh wait, that 3-chucking turnover machine still suits it up for the Orange. I have no idea how many games this team has scheduled but I'm guessing they get stuck at 19 wins and miss the tourney.

    Terrible year for SU athletics all around. Started with that Lax debacle last spring.

    -Dave "Official Hell-fire and Brimstone Syracuse Fan" Pearson

    Oh, can't wait to see the lady Orange hoops team lose games in front of 8 high school girls teams in the dome.  

  2. # Blogger matt b

    Thanks for the compliment. I spent a night in Syracuse and almost died sliding down an icy hill in my car. So basically I think you people are all crazy.



  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    After seeing the Orange at 14 and Mountaineers at 16, I knew you couldn't resist slipping one last BigEast team in after WVU.

    Stuck in the Land of ACC Erections,


  4. # Blogger Matt Glaude

    Matt -

    Driving in the snow and ice and general discomfort of Syracuse is an acquired taste, I suppose.

    Once you've spent more than a year in Syracuse, the cold, ominous hand of death propelling you down an icy slope is actually quite comforting. Sweet release if you will.

    DaveyTrain -

    If I exude any more pessimism toward SU Athletics, I just may take a butter knife to my wrist.

    I need this hope, because if the hoops team doesn't get the job done, I'm going to invest way too much energy into lacrosse.

    Colong -

    Georgetown is poised for a breakout season. Big things for JTIII.

    Plus, the ACC and Big XII can shove it.

    Can you smell rivalry revival?  

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