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A very happy New Year’s Eve to you and yours. Good news is you will not commiserate with your fellow Syracuse Alumni friends this eve about how the team blew yet another non-conference game. The team, specifically a replacement, shined through as the Orange sent the Huskies from another New England town back home with a loss.

The starting five, while struggling on defense in the first half, shot well from the floor, scored in double digits, and generally looked good. The dynamic duo of Flynn and Greene, while contributing, were not the story of this game. They basically only contributed points late in the game. But when Flynn did, it was sure sensational. This kid has moves that would make any baller jealous. Flynn had a quite thirteen points, but had some flash that made it memorable. Greene went four for six from downtown towards the end of the second half and ended up with a nice seventeen points.

Paul Harris had an excellent game, performing the best juke move I have seen this season, taking a man baseline. He played hard and was rewarded with a Syracuse high 19 points and 15 rebounds. He had his best game of the season so far. Harris is currently third in the Big East for rebounds, averaging 9.8 per game. He continues to be a force on the boards and will be a huge asset in conference play. For his efforts this week, he was named the Big East Player of the Week. Congrats to Paul.

The story of the game is Scoop Jardine, playing in the starting five instead of Devendorf, and racking up a career high 18 points and four assists. He played a scrappy game, and coincidentally after the game said that Syracuse’s success in the Big East will be scrappy play, just like Gerry MacNamara used to do. Just like Kristof Ongenaet did in the Cornell game.

Speaking of Kristof, he played well off the bench again, earning ten points and five rebounds. He looked good, and his continued contributions will be helpful against the elite teams Syracuse will face soon.

Syracuse had only ten turnovers this game, their best effort in a few games. Although there were a few sloppy passes, generally the ball was handled, and many of the outlet passes on the fast break were placed perfectly. This game was an excellent job of the fast break, because the triangle defense limited Greene and Flynn from contributing meaningfully in the half court set most of the game.

The only thing that anyone could possibly complain about during this game was the low free throw shooting percentage, which was only 66%. Thirteen free throws were missed, which means thirteen points that were missed that, in a close game, we could have used. I think we all hope this will not hurt the Orange down the stretch of a more physical game later this season.

In total, this was a quality game for the Orange, and a nice game before conference play starts this Wednesday. I will be in attendance for the St. John’s game, so we shall see how the team that beat the Orange last year in the Garden will do against Syracuse in the Dome. Have a very safe and happy New Year, and remember that if you drink liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. We’ll see you in 2008! Thanks for reading.


3 Responses to “Northeastern - Syracuse Postgame Reactions OR Huskies Always Suck!”

  1. # Blogger Rush

    There is no such thing as a good huskie  

  2. # Blogger Brian Harrison

    I couldn't agree more.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Good recap. I don't mind scrappy players...I think playing scrappy has been an intergral part of the Orange bball team the past few seasons.  

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