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This is a little better than how I was feeling being at this game.
It looked like Syracuse would be using their win against Cornell as a start of an easy stretch of games, meant to get Syracuse's footing back after failing to play any semblance of great basketball against St. John's. But no. The unlikely thing happened. Syracuse seemed to play even worse than it had been. Syracuse traveled to Boston College (not actually in Boston) and managed to possibly become the biggest disappointment of the season, but certainly one of the worst Power 5 teams in the nation. Syracuse has zero wins against a top 50 RPI (despite RPI being stupid person math) team. Syracuse has no resume. Syracuse got blown out by a team that couldn't win a league game last season. Syracuse may do the same this year. SU loses to Boston College 96 to 81.
  • Despite looking lost in almost every aspect of playing except shooting the ball, Andrew White scored 22 to lead the team. He was 4-7 from distance and 4-4 on free throws. He also had six rebounds.
  • Tyler Lydon did his best to add 17 points, looking visibly frustrated with his team while on the floor.
  • Tyler Roberson came off the bench and had one of his best games of the season. He looked energized while others looked dazed. He put in a fantastic effort, finishing with 11 points and 10 rebounds.
  • John Gillon was 2-10, 0-4 shooting in the game, for seven points. More disappointing was Frank Howard, who was 1-6, 0-2 shooting in the game for three points. But more importantly, he only had three assists and committed three turnovers. Dreadful play from the point guard spot, no matter who was there.
  • The team allowed 16 3's and BC shot 61.5% from behind the arc.
  • The defense is dreadful and doesn't cover shooters. They also don't anticipate and rotate accordingly. BC must have had at least six back door cut passes from the paint for easy buckets before someone started rotating in to cover it.
  • Apparently the team played man-to-man defense for a brief moment in the game. I didn't notice being their live. But Twitter erupted.
  • For those that think that switching to man-to-man will somehow save the season, you're wrong.
  • For those that think Jim Boeheim should be fired, you're wrong.
  • For those that don't remember, Syracuse went to the Final Four last year as a 10 seed.
  • 85% of the crowd was for Syracuse. But it was quiet. And only got loud with a monster dunk from Roberson.
  • I don't know where Syracuse goes from here.
Syracuse next returns to Syracuse to take on Miami. SU won't be favored. Students still aren't back yet. But it will be interesting to see what kind of crowd the Dome gets after this game, and on a Wednesday. Not sure if Syracuse will be much better, but here's hoping.

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