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Coleman was the lone bright spot on Monday night.
In what may have set college basketball back a decade, Syracuse and UConn took to the historic floor in Madison Square Garden. It wasn't good. Neither team was good. Syracuse was better for a while, but then UConn was. They ended up on top by 2, in one of the worst games I've ever watched, 52 to 50.
  • Andrew White was the leading scorer with 14 points on 4-15, 3-11 shooting. Not a great night, but he finished with the most.
  • The real bright spot was DeJuan Coleman who had 10 points on 4-6 shooting from the floor. He made some excellent moves in the post, and his jump shot continues to impress. Easily the best performance of the night for the Orange. He finished with a double-double.
  • Tyler Lydon... where were you? For the last few games he has been an absolute not factor. He did have nine rebounds though.
  • Tyler Roberson was the best off the bench with 6 points. However, it was only on 2-5 shooting. He also only pulled down 2 rebounds in 13 minutes of action.
  • Syracuse shot 25.9% from the floor. Dreadful. UConn shot 31.4%.
  • 3 point shooting was pretty much a wash. Both teams were terrible.
  • Syracuse didn't score from 9:10 to 2:35 in the second half. That's what did Syracuse in. That being said, when was the last time you saw a foul called with less than 3 seconds left in the game?
Syracuse and UConn played a terrible game. UConn was just less terrible. Not much can be learned from this game, except for the fact that Syracuse can't seem to consistently make easy buckets. There might have been more missed bunnies in this game than the 6 OT game. I'm only slightly kidding. Syracuse had a dreadful shooting night, and they couldn't seem to consistently score. That is troubling, but it isn't that surprising. Syracuse is lead by a couple of transfer players. They aren't quite playing like a team yet. There is still time to figure it out, but meanwhile we have to swallow the pill of having watched this game.

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