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There were a few good plays to celebrate. But not many.
It was going to be FSU on top. That, most of us were sure of. And they were. But it was the mistakes and missed opportunities that sting the most in a game like this, and make the scoreboard look worse than it needed to. FSU smoked the Orange 45 to 21.
Eric Dungey (11/24, 120yds, 0 TD, 0 INT, 2 Rush TD) continues his streak of having at least 2 TDs in a game. Both of these were on the ground. He played fairly well and didn't turn the ball over, which is good. Overall the running backs performed about as well as you'd think they would against FSU's defense. They were 5/16 on third down, 0/1 on 4th, had 14 total, and 303 total yards. They did possess the ball pretty even with FSU though.
The secondary is a mess. It's a mess against a team half as good as FSU. For a team like FSU, they were licking their chops. It didn't take long for backup QB Sean Maguire to drive down the field. No need to comment further.
Special Teams
SU didn't attempt a field goal, but Cole Murphy was perfect on XPs. Riley Dixon continues to be excellent. Returns were good as well. Solid day for Special Teams.
By now, you know what happened at the end of the first half with Shafer's puzzling TO that allowed FSU to score quickly. If you don't, here is the timeline. And they obviously didn't prepare the defense as much as they could have for FSU. 
C (2.18)
I didn't think Syracuse would have kept this game too close, but they could have. Mistakes were made and FSU capitalized. Earning them a win by 4 scores. The game could have been closer. And fans are getting tired of strategic mistakes that seem to pop up every game this season. There is a difference between losing a game, but showing promise, and losing the game like they did at Florida State.
Syracuse stays on the road to take on Louisville next. Another tough order. Syracuse might find some magic, but the odds aren't with them. Sadly.

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  1. # Blogger John Brennan

    I'm sorry. Coaching gets an F in my grade book.  

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