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The Big East is Overrated?

A durrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
The Big East has been very consistent all year. The whole career of the league. I have to laugh a little bit when Charles Barkley is calling us overrated. And they actually listen to him, who I guarantee you will never be a full time analyst for college basketball if they think the Big East is overrated. Of course CBS will show that anyway, because, you know, he said it. Without the Big East you wouldn't have seen TEN fucking good games this year. OK? Not ten! These other leagues just aren't ready. They needed us. Without the Big East NOT TEN. We wouldn't be here having a good tournament. And Barkley is talking and writing about how the Big East is overrated? It's the most bullshit thing I've seen in 28 years.

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4 Responses to “The Big East is Overrated?”

  1. # Blogger mtoy43

    haha. big east #1 seed pitt just lost. i'm currently 5 and 2 in bets against the overrated conference. i put my money where my mouth is. there will be no more than 3 overrated big east teams left in the sweet 16 round. haha. stupid ncaa selection committee who didn't learn anything from last year can eat sh*t.  

  2. # Blogger Jay

    the big east has been exposed in this tourney. They are overrated. Most of the teams that lost so far lost to higher seeds. That is the definition of overrated.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    The Big East will have, at the most, 3 teams in the Sweet 16. 2 by default. The mid-majors are clowning your conference, and everybody outside of the Northeast is loving it. Keep believing the hype- in the meantime another ACC, Big 10 or Big 12 team will probably be cutting down the nets April 4th.  

  4. # Blogger vidstudent

    I will grant that Charles Barkley is highly uninformed when it comes to college basketball. He's there because TNT only has pro analysts, and he's one of them. Maybe he can read up for next year?

    But the Big East does have a problem. Your first round went 7-4, which was an improvement from last year; your second round went 2-5, and the two wins were in Big East vs. Big East games. To break even, Marquette or UConn must combine to win two more games. They play North Carolina and San Diego State, respectively. I have my doubts here.

    I idly wonder if it has something to do with being too big of a Big East sometimes. IIRC, you only have three in-conference teams you play twice each year. Given the power of home court advantage, I wonder if that skews your in-conference wins and losses, leading to some teams looking good when they're just getting the right mix of home and away games. Nevertheless, I like the Big Ten's chances of making the Elite 8 better with the same number of teams in the Sweet 16.  

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