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While Article II, Section III of the United States Constitution requires that the President shall, from time to time, give to the Congress information about the State of the Union, there's a code somewhere in the archives of the Athletic Department at Manley Fieldhouse that requires this blog to from time to time give its readers information about the state of the Orange. And my friends, I am sorry to say, the state of the Orange right now is weaksauce. It's on a downward spiral. There seems to be no end in sight.
But yet, my friends, we should not all turn into Chicken Littles and warn that the sky is falling. Because even if it was, we'd still be rooting for the Orange. But I'm here to tell you that, even for as bad as things seem right now, things will get better. Sure, Syracuse lost to Seton Hall in the Carrier Dome last night 90-68. Sure, that's the third loss in a row. Sure, the Orange are about to embark on a road trip that by all accounts doesn't look fun. But to lose hope now, well, that's just not what fans of this basketball team do. And if you do, well then, I don't consider you a fan. Go find a European team to root for.
  • Seton Hall won because they shot better, rebounded better, and played better.
  • SHU shot 54.1% to Syracuse's 36.1%.
  • The three-ball didn't help the Orange cause: SHU 10 of 17 for 58.8%, while Syracuse was 5 of 21 for 23.8%.
  • SHU won the rebounding battle 40-33.
  • Leading the way for the Pirates was Jeremy Hazell with 28 points. Also, he was shot a month ago. With a bullet and/or bullets.
  • Syracuse had four players in double-digit scores: Kris Joseph 17, Rick Jackson 12, Scoop Jardine & Brandon Triche with 11 each.
  • Ricky had another double-double, with 11 rebounds.
  • Before the game began, rumors began circulating and were confirmed around 5:30pm that the Fab Melo experiment was over; James Southerland would start in his place.
  • Fab Melo came off the bench, and in four minutes had a basket and three rebounds.
  • After the game, it was announced that the James Southerland experiment was over; Fab Melo will start against Marquette on Saturday.
  • Jim Boeheim says he needs Melo's size. I don't buy it. Having Melo's size in the game for the first 3-4 minutes isn't going to win you a game, and you know damn well you're gonna pull him for Southerland or Baye Moussa Keita anyway.
  • The move is Keita for Melo. But that's just my two cents.
  • I'm getting nauseous writing this recap, so I'm done. Bravo if you made it this far.


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