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Monday Morning Quarterback 10/25/10

Sometimes you just don't have to be good
Let me preface this article by saying I didn't actually watch this game. Rather, I was driving down to Philadelphia to watch the San Francisco Giants win the NL Pennant and move on to the World Series. So I had the honor and privilege to listen to Sirius to the call from Matt Park. Hey, better than Pam Ward or whatever nutjob espn2 threw out there. So of course, it was great to heard Matt Park call this 19-14 Syracuse victory at Morgantown.
The stat line for Ryan Nassib, the winning quarterback, is as follows: Five completions on 15 attempts (33%) for 63 yards and a touchdown. That should never be the stat line for a winning quarterback, but when the rest of the squad is playing at the top of its game, this is what can happen. Van Chew caught the lone touchdown early in this one, and had another reception for a total of 46 yards, making him the "favorite target" on the day. He also had a drop early in the game. Others in on the passing game included Antwon Bailey (2 catches for 11 yards) and Nick Provo (1 catch for 6 yards).
Often times when Nassib dropped back to pass, Matt Park would exclaim "Nassib hit as he throws!" Listening on the radio, I couldn't tell whether the coverage was just too good, or whether the o-line was breaking down, or what. But I feel like Nassib was hurried too much in this game, which seriously effected his accuracy.
I suppose this is now cause for concern. This is the third game in a row where Nassib hasn't been all that & a bag of potato chips. Is it because we're seeing tougher competition now? Is it fundamentals? Is it bad practicing? Now, to be fair, I don't think we have a quarterback controversy -- nobody's calling for Nassib to be benched in lieu of Charley Loeb. But you've got to wonder just how many more games Syracuse will be able to win if Ryan Nassib doesn't get back to where he was the first third of the season. I mean, the schedule ahead isn't that daunting, but it's still the Big East. Anything can happen.
Halloween weekend is coming up, and Syracuse travels to Cincinnati to face the Bearcats. Since this is the Big East and anybody has a shot to beat anybody (especially after Syracuse beat the best team in the league on their own turf) I have to say Syracuse can win this. But will they? A lot of that rests with Ryan Nassib. No pressure, buddy!

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