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Still Want A T-Shirt?

These shirts are just what you need and you know it.
I've got a couple more shirts to give away. So therefore you can win yourself one of this nice Beat 'Nova shirts from the good folks at Holy Shirt!. All you have to do is guess the combined point total of Syracuse and Georgetown for tonight's game. The winner will be the closest without going over. As a tiebreak, tell me also how many points Wes Johnson will score, and how many rebounds Arinze Onuaku will have. The closest will win the tiebreaker. Just leave a comment on this page, with some sort of moniker so you can be identified. Winners will be announced in my Georgetown postgame article. Once again, you are leaving three total numbers with your name or some sort of distinguishing handle. All picks have to be in by tip off. Good luck and Go Orange! My preview for the Georgetown game will be out early afternoon today. Past winners are ineligible and I'll be shipping you your shirts very soon. You could also just buy a shirt here.

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17 Responses to “Still Want A T-Shirt?”

  1. # Blogger John D

    Total - 132 points
    Wes - 16 points
    BOOM-sha-ka-la-ka - 8 boards  

  2. # Anonymous PaulieDars

    Points: 153
    Wes: 14 pts
    AO: 7 rebounds  

  3. # Anonymous orangemennotorange

    I'm ineligable because I won last time...but just for fun,
    123 points total
    19 Pts Wes
    4 Reb AO  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Mike T

    Points: 142
    Wes points: 18
    AO Rebounds: 6  

  5. # Anonymous jdeuce

    Total: 152
    Wes: 16
    Arinze: 9

    Thank you, and crush the hoyas!  

  6. # Blogger Ben

    144 total
    AO-7 boards  

  7. # Anonymous Allen D

    Total - 131
    Wes - 15
    AO - 6  

  8. # Blogger Jay

    Total = 130
    Wes pts: 17
    AO rebounds = 7

    realjaycosta on twitter  

  9. # Anonymous J Dilly

    Total - 138
    Wild Wild Wes - 14
    AO - 6  

  10. # Anonymous sportzbelle

    WJ 18
    AO 6  

  11. # Blogger MCamps

    Total: 141 points

    Wes: 16 points
    A.O.: 5 boards  

  12. # Blogger SyracuseSoldier

    Total: 156
    Wes : 12pts
    A.O. : 7Rbs  

  13. # Anonymous klasinalaska

    Points 122
    Wes 14
    AO 9  

  14. # Blogger mark

    points 140
    wes 13
    AO 7  

  15. # Blogger flowers

    total 118
    wes 14
    ao 4  

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