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Finally football is done for another year. But before we can let it go, we must mull over the final game of the year. While the score indicates a blowout, it really was not as dramatic as the final indicates. However, it was occasionally brutal to watch, as several facets of the game simply failed. Connecticut beats Syracuse again at the Rentch, 56 to 31.

Greg Paulus (24/32, 296yds, 2 TD, 0 INT) played an excellent game for Syracuse, keeping them in drives when he could. He still had some happy feet, but generally made good decisions. Who did not make great decisions was Ryan Nassib (7/9, 64yds, 1 TD, 0 INT). While his numbers are good for the plays that were called for him, he was not making good decisions as he was sacked several times to kill SU drives when he didn’t need to be. Who was good again was Delone Carter (20car, 102yds, 5.1avg, 1 TD) who earned another 100 yard game and finished the season with over 1,000 yards on the season. Not to be lost in Paulus’ and Carter’s games was the excellent play of Alec Lemon (9rec, 140yds, 15.6avg, 1 TD). He obviously had a career day and looked like that other WR that quit earlier in the year. Additionally Marcus Sales had a nice day with seven catches for 89 yards. Syracuse led in time of possession, first downs, and total yards. They also did well in third down conversions for the game with 6-14. The play calling was also good, save for the continued runs up the middle.

Overall the defense played alright in this game, but they gave up big plays. None bigger than the end of each halves. Syracuse let UConn earn a big reception that set up a touchdown before the end of the first half, then allowed a touchdown as the clock ticked away as Randy Edsall had the game well in hand but decided to pour it on. The best rush defense in the league gave up 204 yards, and generally looked unprepared. They were simply beat on blocks, which is unacceptable. There isn’t much more to say accept that they were unable to pressure the quarterback and were manhandled up front. Not the best performance, but seeing as UConn is a slightly more talented team it wasn’t too out of the ordinary.

Special Teams
Syracuse could never get ahead in this game because of the massive special teams failings of this squad. It started on the first punt when Syracuse punted into the wind and gave UConn primo field position for an easy score to start their day. Then they gave up a kick return for a touchdown. Additionally Ryan LICHTENSTEIN missed a field goal. SU also failed to get good field position like they had been in previous games this year. On top of that Syracuse called for a fair catch on a punt on the four yard line. One of the stupidest moves I have seen by a special teams player in the history me watching the sport. Just an abysmal day for special teams. Again.

Honestly the game plan was again just fine. The players just didn’t execute and the wind was a bitch. Not too much more to say than that. Based on the recent firings, if the rumor is true that Marrone was calling the offensive plays he’s earned my respect. Considering that the team was averaging 21 points and all of a sudden put up numbers in the 30’s is just more evidence that the right coach can make all the difference.

C (2.0)
This game ended about the way it should have. Syracuse was playing in bad weather, they have never won at Rentschler, and critical errors absolutely sunk a chance for a comeback. About half the team played well, the other half barely showed up. Considering that there were like 58 people on the team though, I guess it was about as well as they could do though. So I will take this one and wait. Wait for next year for even more improvement. It’s all we can do at this point. There could have been worse ways to end a season.

Coming next week we will have a full rap up of the season, including the final report card and final grades for the semester. For now, we have basketball and lacrosse. For now, that is enough. For now.

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