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Nunes::44 - 5/22/09

See, Troy has the moves to play lacrosse.
Sean from Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician finally got back to me with some answers just in time for the Final Four. Tonight we talk lacrosse, Paulus, a little basketball, and quality eats on the hill. Enjoy.
1. Orange::44: Syracuse handled Maryland in the NCAA Lacrosse quarterfinals last Saturday. What were the things that surprised you or caught your attention about the game?

Nunes: Well, you had to be surprised with how well Al Cavalieri handled himself in the net. It's stressful enough to make your first start in NCAA lacrosse. It's another thing altogether to do it in an NCAA Tournament game. And something altogether even more stressful to do it in a game that could send your team to the Final Four. If he never starts another game ever again, which is rather likely given that Galloway is only a sophomore, it was a performance he and Syracuse fans will never forget.

2. Orange::44: The lacrosse team is heading back to Foxborough for the Final Four. Is title #11 on the horizon?

Nunes: Honestly, I could see them winning the whole thing. I could see them making to the Finals and losing. I could see them losing in the Final Four. I honestly won't be surprised by any outcome. All I can base Duke's quality on is how they fared against the top talent and considering they beat Virginia twice, and Virginia beat SU in the Dome, the Orange have their hands full. I expect it to be a classic, no matter the outcome. If they are able to beat the Blue Devils, it's probably a crapshoot no matter who they play. Virginia beat them and while SU beat Cornell earlier this year, this is a different Big Red team.

In closing...I don't have a clue. But I'm hopeful.

3. Orange::44: Chris Basile was charged with a felony recently. How will this affect the team and how red is Marrone?

Nunes: Well it sounds like it won't affect them at all. He's gotten the Total Recall treatment and he's been wiped clean from the memory banks. He's gone from the website and it's already like he never existed in the first place. I just hope his victims, which include Andy Rautins, get their stuff back.

The whole thing got kicked up a notch when it was discovered that Basile actually had a history of doing this. He was arrested at his previous college for doing the exact same thing. I don't know how he ended up at SU and who signed off on giving him another chance but I think this was a perfect reminder of the loosey-goosey Greg Robinson Era when players made questionable decisions and there didn't seem to be any checks and balances. I don't think we'll see anymore Chris Basile's under Doug Marrone's watch.

Honestly, I just wanted to say loosey-goosey.

4. Orange::44: What is the current status with Paul Harris and the basketball team? Any new developments?

Nunes: Other than his run-in with Ryan Miller at the Carousel Mall, no idea. He told Ryan that he was on his way to Chicago to begin training. We assume he means to get in shape for the NBA Draft. Although he never officially said he was gone, he said as much and it's now too late to turn back (from what I can tell). Some folks have actually floated Paul's name out there as a late 2nd round pick but I don't see how. This draft is LOADED and a guy like Paul, who isn't making any noise right now, is just lost in the shuffle. I fear that he's going to go down as a cautionary tale to future Syracuse stars.

If I had to guess, expect to see him in an NBDL team near you next season.

5. Orange::44: Greg Paulus has been called a distraction among many other things. Do you see him contributing positively to the football team, or is this just a lot of hype?

Nunes: Can it be both? I think no matter what, Greg Paulus is way overhyped. And he's overhyped because he turned himself into a topic of discussion. He went on PTI, Dan Patrick and so many other TV and radio programs to discuss his decision to play football and transfer to Syracuse. He doesn't have the right to play the humble card or the "I don't want to be a distraction card," not that he has been.

That said, he seems like a good guy (besides all the flopping) and I expect him to make the most of his opportunity. As each day passes I think this is more about his chance to learn the ropes at Newhouse for a career in broadcasting that also just to happens to include an outside shot at a football career. Regardless, I'm sure he'll give it his all and I think we'll see him on the playing field. Whether or not he's the starter, I don't know. I can safely say that Doug Marrone will not bow to any pressure to start Paulus if he's not confident... Marrone takes this opportunity too seriously to start granting favors already.

6. Orange::44: Who do you think will be MVP of the basketball team next season?

Nunes: Right now this feels like a 2000-2001 type of team. That team was led by a sharpshooting outside gunner (Preston Shumpert) who had help from a secondary scorer and rebounder (Damone Brown) and a reliable if not amazing point guard (Allen Griffin). The Shumpert role is obviously now Rautins and I hope that Wes Johnson will be a better Damone Brown. Triche & Jardine will likely trade time at the point and while neither will be Jonny, they can both be reliable. This team does have a lot more going on under the basket than that one, with AO and Rick Jackson.

That team went the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. On paper, it feels like the same kind of outcome at the moment. But a lot can change in a couple months. It certainly has in the few leading up to now.

7. Orange::44: Finally, what was your favorite late night eating spot when you were on the hill?

Nunes: Well, if I was out on Marshall Street I was a regular at The Pita Pit. We would always wander in around 1-2am, screaming "BABAGANOUSH" at the top of our lungs and gorge ourselves under the guise that we were eating healthy. Sadly, I hear the Pit is gone which means that including Darwin's, the two most likely places to find me on a Friday night in Syracuse, no longer exist. Depressing.

If I was back at my apartment or house, it was a guarantee we'd order in and in that case I was all about the sandwiches at Dorian’s. Personally, I was an Ares and Artemis fan and downed more of them than I care to admit. Something about ordering sandwiches named after Greek Gods at 2 in the morning...just made the whole experience feel more exciting.
Editor’s Note: This is another installment in the ongoing collaboration between Orange::44 and Nunes/Magician. Usually every other Wednesday Nunes::44 will appear here, while the following week Orange::44/Magician will appear on his site. Until then, enjoy excellent Nunes/Magician articles as always and stay tuned to Orange::44 for complete postgame coverage from every Syracuse game.

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  1. # Anonymous Orange22

    The Pita Pit was alive and well as of the end of the semester. And Campusfood indicates I could order from it right now.  

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