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My goodness! This team is something special. I have not remembered a season that has excited so many people so early. I mean, after the triple court rush game versus Pittsburgh in 2003 I think we all knew. After we beat Texas in the Final Four we all knew. I am not making any prediction for the team right now, but it is certainly damn exciting.

Good news everyone! The team had fewer turnovers than Fordham. Harris and Onuaku each had three turnovers, but frankly if no member of the team has no more than three turnovers I think the team is doing well and improving. Limiting turnovers is key to a good season. They took a big step tonight to showing some growth as a squad.

In case you forgot, let me introduce you to the Donte Greene Show. In 34 minutes of play Mr. Greene earned 25 points, went 10-14 from the floor, had nine rebounds, earned the first 12 points of the game for Syracuse, and had a damn impressive dunk in the game, bringing the ball up and in while he was falling. This kid provided the spark needed to again get the offense working at the start of the game. I would like to see any team try and stop this kid.

Speaking of kids, how about Jonny Flynn. While only earning six points, Flynn passed his way to eight assists. Without question, this is the first time in a mighty long time that Syracuse has a point guard that would rather make a great pass to a teammate then hit a shot.

Devendorf contributed with 17 points. Paul Harris, while not contributing too much to offense, had one hell of a defensive game. Onuaku also did not put that many points on the board, but did about 15 things to help the game that will never appear on a stat sheet. To me this looks like more of a team effort that Syracuse has seen in the last five years. There is a real sense on the floor that no one cares who scores as long as somebody does. I think we are seeing an older and wider Eric Devendorf that is the… voice of reason? What? Yeah, I think so.

The only points of concern, provided that the team continues to limit the turnovers, is the three point percentage and free throws. In the Big East conference you have to be able to hit free throws. If we continue to only hit 70% of our free throws it will not bode well for Syracuse down the stretch. As for the three pointers… eh, we will all see what the kids can do about that.
I get the feeling that every single game of this season will be full of moments that could be on highlight reel. That is a mighty good feeling. Like I said before, this team is a whole lot of fun to watch, and it looks like they have fun playing together as well. I look forward to a lot of fun games ahead, including some excellent matchups down in New York City. As for tomorrow, let’s hope Matt Glaude and I will not see a debacle of mass proportions down in East Hartford tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping!


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  1. # Blogger Russianator

    This team is starting to get me as giddy as a school girl  

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