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NCAA: Blowing The Game

No more my friend. No more. reported the few rule changes affecting college sports next seasons. While it is interesting to note that the NCAA is expanding the replay, allowing a "coaches challenge" similar to the NFL, I will focus this essay on the one major rule change to Division I College Basketball.
Officials will no longer allow players on their way out of bounds to call a time out. Let me repeat this so that the stupidity can sink in. Officials won't let you call a time out after you hustle to get the ball and are traveling out of bounds.
Clearly the NCAA wants to make college basketball less exciting. They claim that the rule change is to prevent injuries from players diving in the stands. While that may be, and it may actually prevent a few injuries, clearly it is making the game lack something that is fundamental to the spirit of the game: hustle. The NCAA is not allowing players to benefit from a good play, superior effort, and just plain guts. Sure players may still run after balls going out, but they will certainly not try like they do now. Their only recourse is to try to hit an opposing player hard so that it will go out off of them. Gee... that won't possibly injure anyone.
How many games during the last season were decided be a possession? Now how many do you think were won on a possession given after a player hustled for a ball going out of bounds, caught it, and happened to call a time out before they stepped out? Probably a few.
So thanks NCAA. You've yet again made a terrible call.

3 Responses to “NCAA: Blowing The Game”

  1. # Anonymous Chas


    You miss the exciting part. The blooper reel. With the emphasis on trying to hit the opposing player with the ball on the way out of bounds, and 320 some teams. the NCAA has the opportunity to put together at least a good 5-10 minute reel of crotch blasting with the basketball.

    How can you put a price on that?  

  2. # Anonymous Matt


    This piece actually comes from one of the notebook's other writers - Brian Harrison.

    You raise an important point, though. There is nothing (except maybe disappointed adolescent spellers) that can top a shot to the stones. Especially from large, inflated objects. Hell, that's the only reason America's Funniest Home Videos is still on television.

    Personally, I'd love to see a 5-10 minute reel of crotch blasting with a basketball over "One Shining Moment."  

  3. # Anonymous Brian


    I like the "One Shining Moment" idea, but it has to include the shot of Tony Skinn from George Mason punching Loren Stokes from Hofstra in the nuts as well.  

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