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Just one more week . . .

In what could have been a weekend wrought with upsets, only one team -- Massachusetts -- managed to unseat a higher ranked squad. The Minutemen stormed into Ithaca last Saturday afternoon and shocked much of the lacrosse universe with a 10-9 victory over the sixth-seeded Cornell Big Red.

This coming weekend should provide similar, exciting action on the field. With the exception of Hofstra-Massachusetts, there isn't a game on the board that clearly favors one team over another.

With that said, onto the picks.

Pointless Speculation: Quarterfinals

Round 1 Totals29313134
Hofstra v. MassachusettsHOF-4UMASS-1-HOF-3
Syracuse v. [Hate] Johns HopkinsSYR-2[H]JH-3-SYR-2
Virginia v. GeorgetownUVA-3UVA-4-UVA-4
Princeton v. MarylandMD-1UMD-2-UMD-1


Hofstra v. Massachusetts
Hofstra looked incredibly strong at the onset of their game against Providence last weekend. Although the final score appeared otherwise, the Pride were in control throughout, exhibiting a relentless attack and a stifling defense.

Massachusetts, however, appears to have thoughts of ruining Hofstra's terrific run. The Minutemen already upset the Pride earlier this season and are coming off a tremendous victory against tournament darkhorse Cornell. If Sean Morris can put this team on his back, Massachusetts could achieve the somewhat impossible.

With that said, however, Hofstra is just too strong. They are playing terrific lacrosse right now, have the poles to keep the Minuteman attack in check, and are playing only a few miles from their campus. Pride wins this one by about four goals.

Syracuse v. [Hate] Johns Hopkins
Dave Pietramala can lick my nuts. Syracuse wins.

Virginia v. Georgetown
All season Georgetown has been a bit of an enigma. The Hoyas have won the games they have supposed to have won and have looked average in many of their more difficult match-ups.

Virginia, alternatively, has been far and away the strongest team in the field this year. Their toughest game this year came out the outset of the season, when they outgunned a young Syracuse squad 20-15. To bet against the Cavaliers at this point would be foolish. However, don't be surprised if the Hoyas manage to keep it close.

Princeton v. Maryland
Joe Walters.

That's all I need to say.

Joe Walters.


So Glaude's the lax expert and he's in dead last for his own Pick 'Em challenge. You're fired. Get on your bike, go work at Bazooka Joe! Seriously though, what's with his school's baseball team? Men in diapers? That's hazing?! I officially recommend he goes to Northwestern to get in on that hot girl swimmer on girl swimmer action. And on to the pointless picks!

Hofstra vs. UMass

They say its hard to beat a team three times in the same year. Fortunately for the Minute Men they've only beaten Hofstra once so far this year. Sully, Murph and the boys are gonna get wicked drunk on Sam Adams Summah Ale after this upset.

Manly Oranges vs. Lame Blue Jays

This one is a no brainer. I want Syracuse to win. Trust me, I've lived 15 of 24.5 years of my life in the Salt City. I know how these things work. I was there for the Sugar Bowl tie and the loss to the 15 seed Richmond Spiders. I watched in the Sweet Sixteen both the Lawrence Moten timeout game versus eventual champ Arkansas and the 23 point lead lost versus eventual champ Michigan St. I personally witnessed football road loses to Temple and Rutgers in 4 consecutive years. I'm a walking Orange(men) jinx.

Therefore, Hopkins will win. As soon as we get this over with, I can focus my energy on the Mets driving a dagger into my heart... and then its football season! Eli and Perry Patterson! Huzzah!

Warning: Actual Game Analysis

Look for Brett Bucktooth to score a bunch of goals. This guy has been playing out of his mind. He's got like 25 goals in his last 7 games or something like (I'd look it up, but thats way too much work). Apparently he had a son, Brett Jr., born a few weeks ago. So apparently he's pulled a Pittsnogle.

Virginia vs. Georgetown

Its great when you get down to the Quarterfinals of lacrosse and take a gander at the bracket and you're just like, "Man, I hate that team and that team and that team... oh and that team." The Hoos are good. They will win.

Priceton vs. Maryland

Same crap, different game. Fear the turtle!



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