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ACC Deez Nuts! + Basketball Notebook

You simply demand to be hated.

In an interesting twist of college basketball, The Syracuse Post-Standard reports that the Big East and the Southeastern Conference (SEC) have become partners... of sorts. Starting with the 2007-2008 basketball season, the Big East and SEC will play two doubleheaders each season for three years. Commissioner Mike Tranghese of the Big East had this to say:
I don't want to use the word challenge, I'd refer to it as
a shootout. Teams are only going to play once, instead of each and every year,
and we're going to use big arenas in neutral sites.
A big feature of the "shootout" is to play in the Big East and SEC geographies, but also play in neutral arenas. It also makes a big point to say that this is not to replace the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, but rather be completely different from it. Which, for me, and I believe most college basketball viewers, is a very good thing.
The problem I find with the ACC/Big Ten Challenge is that it's just not a challenge most of the time. It seems like they schedule Duke versus Perdue, or Illinois versus Clemson. I don't want to dis on the ACC too much, but if you really want a quality challenge play a conference with some more depth and quality teams (such as the Big East or SEC). I look forward to a Syracuse/Kentucky game coming soon.
Basketball Notebook
This guy is an ugly dude.
ESPN The Magazine writer Matt Beardmore thinks Josh Boone should stay at UConn. Of course UConn Coach Jim Calhoun, on numerous media appearances, has stated that he doesn't think Boone is ready for the NBA. His numbers last year (10.3 ppg, 7.0 rpg) were sagging, and he bricked enough free throws in the NCAA tournament to add another floor to the Hartford Civic Center. His best move might be to stay, however reports he will stay in the draft and hire an agent.
Speaking of UConn,'s Andy Katz seems to think that 6 Huskies will be drafted. We'll see on draft day.
Who will not be at draft day is Pitt's Gray, GW's Elliott, and Arizona's Shakur. thinks that will make Pitt the team to beat in next year's Big East Conference. Look for Big East Basketball predictions at a later date.
Finally,'s mock draft board lists Gerry McNamara headed to the Denver Nuggets with the 49th overall pick in the draft. Interesting. Check out his scouting report here as well. They praise his hard work and describe him as perhapts "the perfect bench player". We'll see on draft day.

3 Responses to “ACC Deez Nuts! + Basketball Notebook”

  1. # Anonymous Tom

    BH- I have to disagree with you on the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. The challenge would work if the matchups were Duke/Ohio State or UNC/Illinois. But usually it ends up Duke/Penn St. or Illinois/Florida St. Also it's "Purdue" not "Perdue", and as far as you putting down the Big Ten conference..It's been one of the best over the last few years, number's wise better than the ACC or the SEC. The challenge that would work the best would be the return Big East/ACC, but we all know that will NEVER happen again. Check your facts, but what else can you expect from a Yankee fan.


  2. # Anonymous Brian

    I agree the Big Ten itself is an excellent conference. I definately saw some great games last year within the conference (Ohio St./Illinois for example). You are right about the Duke/Ohio State matchups. Games of those level would indeed be excellent to watch. But my point is they don't do that. They do the crappy games in which the AP poll will already forcast the winner. The Big East/ACC games would be better. I know they won't ever happen. Again, that wasn't the point of the article. Plus, I think the Big East/SEC agreement could produce some very quality games on neutral courts in big venues. After all, the Big East and SEC combine for the last 3 out of 4 Tournament winners.  

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