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Perry Patterson: Scholar-Athlete

If for some reason you have not revoked your membership in the Perry Patterson Fan/Buffet Club, now would be a good time to do so.

In a blog entry entered last night, Post-Standard staff writer Donnie Webb published a conversation he had with the Pudgy Passer after Wednesday's practice. In what can only be described as a stunning exchange, Patterson exposed himself as hopelessly immature and utterly incompetent. While this comes as no surprise to any diehard Syracuse fan, it does explain a lot about Patterson's lack of development over the last three years.

In response to a query regarding his development this spring and what he has improved in, Patterson had the following to say:

"Just the overall aspect of the offense. When I'm dropping back, I actually know what's going on now instead of trying to guess. I think with Coach (Phil) Earley and the things we're doing in the pocket, it's a lot better for us because we have a lot of protection problems. We have a lot more movement in the pocket instead of just standing back there being a target. Just the knowledge of the offense and my footwork is a lot better as well."

"When we got into game situations, it was harder to understand. When we install offenses, we usually look at teams that ran that offense. But when I was watching like the O, when I first came here watching the past quarterbacks run the offense that Coach P was in, it was you get some type of thought in your mind, like, OK, that's how that play is ran. When we started this offense, we really didn't have no film on it other than a couple of Denver Bronco's film and things like that, but that's still at a different level. It was just tough to bring it on the field, how to create your installation film for other guys. It was confusing at times, especially in game situations. I didn't know where my check-downs were and with the protection, it was hard to get into a rhythm. Last year was just crazy."
To steal a line from John McEnroe, "You can't be serious!"

I do not know where to begin with such comments. Learning a new offense in a relatively short period of time is certainly a difficult task, but there is no excuse for simply throwing away technique and strategy for amateur decision-making.

Not only is that lazy, but it is counterproductive.

If Patterson was truly confused as to Syracuse's offensive philosophy, why not spend more time in the film room studying what little film they apparently had, running 7-on-7's with his offense, or simply picking the brains of the coaching staff? It appears to me that when things got tough for the Orange offense last season, Perry decided to go along for the ride rather than taking some affirmative actions to better himself and, residually, the offense.

That's unacceptable. For a Division 1-A athlete to be so afraid of a little adversity is frightening, especially because the hurdles Patterson had to leap were limited to an aspect of the game that can be easily remedied -- comprehension.

The other aspect of these comments that I find concerning is how Patterson appears to be pawning off his tribulations on the coaching staff. Now, there is certainly the possibility that former quarterbacks coach Major Applewhite and former offensive coordinator Brian Pariani were underprepared for teaching and installing the West Coast Offense. However, I find that very unlikely. Coaching is their profession, and being the consummate teacher and workaholic is necessarily part of their resume. Furthermore, it is inconceivable to believe that this team did not have an armory of film on the West Coast Offense for reference purposes.

Thus, I'm left with the conclusion that Patterson is once again showing his true colors by passing the buck. When Paul Pasqualoni left the hill last year, Patterson took every opportunity to attack the Pasqualoni and George DeLeone offensive system. Patterson proudly proclaimed during summer conditioning and practice that Syracuse's new offensive philosophy was much easier to understand and execute. Major Applewhite, according to Patterson, was this team's savior.

And now, suddendly, it is Applewhite and Pariani's fault that Patterson was borderline pathetic last season?

One would think that at this point Patterson would have learned from his prior instances of ineptitude and immaturity. Apparently he has not as the following quote reinforces everything that I have noted above:

"Going through that last season, it kinda humbled me a little bit. It made me realize how tough the things we can withstand when we're going through a 1-10 season. Coming off that year, I feel I already hit the lowest point. The only way is to go up from there. When Coach (Brian) White coming from Wisconsin (as SU's offensive coordinator), we're actually looking at film, things he did at Wisconsin so I'm able to see how their quarterbacks executed that type of play. With that visual, the teaching of it, it's easier for me to go out there and transform what I see on the video to things I see on the film. The transition and the process is going a lot smoother this spring."
Buckle up, 'Cuse fans. If it is up to Patterson, an historic 1-11 season awaits.

2 Responses to “Perry Patterson: Scholar-Athlete”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Did this hold true Hoya?  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    No! Sure didn't. Think perry had 12 Tds n like 3 or 4 ints.  

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