Countdown to Football Frustration

Next Frustrating Hoops Victory

Next Lacrosse Annihilation

. . . And Georgetown Still Sucks!

Daily Affirmation
Bricks and Mortar
Record: 19-9 (7-7)
RPI: 28 (.6004)
Conference RPI: 2
Strength of Schedule: 11 (.5943)

W/L (RPI 1-50): 2-8
W/L (RPI 51-100): 6-1
W/L (RPI 101-200): 5-0
W/L (RPI 201+): 6-0

This team is still going dancing. Other people think so as well. No joke.

Drillin' All the Suckers

Syracuse squared off against Army in the Dome this past Saturday to open up the Orange's 2006 lacrosse campaign. In classic Syracuse fashion, the Orange pulled away on the strength of the team's athleticism to post a respectable 14-10 victory over the Cadets.

Syracuse broke open a tightly fought contest with a flashback to the Roy Simmons, Jr.-era Orange. As Donna Ditota reports:

It took a signature Syracuse play to break the game open. The Orange lacrosse team owned the slimmest of leads midway through the fourth quarter of its season-opener with Army Saturday in the Carrier Dome.

And then, with a swiftness that has defined the SU program, the Orange struck with a transition goal that brought the 5,084 in attendance to their feet and all but sealed the outcome.

The goal, which started with Steve Panarelli stripping All-American attackman John Walker and ended when Brett Bucktooth fired low to ripple the net, gave the Orange an 11-9 lead it would never relinquish.
Keying the Orange's success was a pair of Syracuse newcomers. Virginia-transfer Joe Yevoli paced the Orange rush with a two goal, two assist performance. Matt Abbott, one of Syracuse's many heralded freshman, contributed two tallies to the Orange onslaught. Peter Coluccini registered nine stops in the cage in his first collegiate start for Syracuse.

Next up for the Orange is undefeated Virginia in Charlottesville on Saturday afternoon.

I'm Sorry... What?
Mike Waters, please step forward to receive your "Exercise in Futility" trophy.

All you need to know from Mr. Waters is this:

Amazingly, the only team that's mathematically eliminated from the Big East Tournament is South Florida.
Crap. Better break out the abacus.

Anyways, maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure that the Big East Tournament is shaping up like the BASEketball playoff picture. And that can't be good.

Football + Calculators = No More Tears
Vijay rules.

In his latest foray into making sense of out a system that inherently doesn't, Vijay has attempted to create a comprehensive system for determining what football teams are "the best" in a series of categories.

According to Vijay, the best team in the AP era was the 1940 Minnesota squad that went 8-0, won a curling world championship, and once punched a hole in a cow just to see who was coming up the road.

The Ernie Davis-led 1959 Syracuse squad, which I have championed as history's greatest football team on numerous occasions, did not finish in Vijay's top 10. However, the '59 Orange express was Vijay's undisputed 1959 national champion. So Syracuse has that going for them, which is nice.

I'll Still Love You If You Cry
I'm usually not a sucker for a sob story.

I think the reason for this is because my body is allergic to compassion.

For some reason, though, this story made me well up like I took a wiffle ball bat to the stones. DaveSez had an excellent preface to this story, and I'm going to lift it to ensure that the video is given proper context:

You've probably seen this by now, but I'll risk an obvious post for this story.

An autistic kid served as his high school basketball team's manager for several years. It was a great job for him, as he loved basketball and loved being around it. In the last game of the season, the coach decided to reward the young man's hard work by letting him suit up.

With four minutes left in the game, which was already decided, the coach decided to send him in. All of his teammates tried to get him some points, but he missed his first two tries.

Then, he got "hot as a pistol."

One after another, shots started falling until he had hit six consecutive three-pointers and scored 20 points.

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