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SU Athletics Gets It!

Today's tip of the hat goes to the Marketing Department at SU Athletics. I guess I shouldn't be THAT happy for them, for finally implementing something that should have happened years ago, but baby steps are always appreciated. For the first time I can remember (and I base this on the time since I began freshman year in Fall '00), all Syracuse University students will be admitted to the football game this weekend for free. Sure, they need that pesky, hard to come by SUID -- so for the students going out drinking on Friday night, you might want to keep your SUID in a safe place.

It was difficult to tell what the student attendance was for last week's game against Akron, because it was Family Weekend (fka Parents' Weekend), so there was no student section. But I think we all know what the student section attendance was for the West Virginia game: let's just say I've had more people show up to a marching band party in my basement on Ackerman. So from a marketing standpoint, this makes perfect sense: dwindling student attendance + a noon game + Halloween weekend + the best team in the conference (or possibly the country, if Doug Marrone is to be believed) = free admission.

So of course, I'll add to the cliche "Now there's no excuse" mantra. I also expect to see some great Halloween costumes at the Dome. Please don't dress as bleachers. Also, you're all gonna get schooled by the costumes Brian and I have. This mystery prize being discussed: we own it.

On a different topic, what's ultimately better for Syracuse: beating Cincinnati to stay in the hunt for a possible bowl berth, or Cincinnati winning out for a shot at a BCS Championship?

Editor's Note: Unbelievable that for once we are chronicling the exact opposite of a daily disaster. For once SU Athletics got it right.

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