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Syracuse - Georgetown Preview

Syracuse students agree: Your mother's a Hoya.
Syracuse again takes the trek down I-81 to visit with the biggest rival in the history of the program in Georgetown. I'm 34 years old, so I remember a good chuck of this rivalry when it was at it's peak with Big John. But I had my own moments as well. I was at the 2004 "GERRY MAC DROPS ONE ON G'TOWN" game in DC. I was at the 2006 Big East Tournament comeback game. I've been interviewed by the Georgetown student newspaper. While I like that Syracuse still plays UConn (and probably should every year), this is still the rivalry that gets me out of bed in the morning. And I'm sad to say this is the first Syracuse - Georgetown game I won't be attending in person in DC in quite a few years. That being said, I can't wait. The stage is set. While no Thompson is on the bench coaching this team, they still have a very familiar face in Patrick Ewing. Not enough for you? Well how about the fact that Georgetown is undefeated on the season. Because they have played the easiest schedule in the history of college basketball. What about the fact that since Boeheim couldn't coach in DC the last time these two teams met, he's extra fired up about being at this game? Plenty of stories off the court to get you excited for what is going on between the lines today. But it's Syracuse and Georgetown. None of that matters. Syracuse needs to be ready to play today. Because even if Georgetown were a garbage fire of a team, they would play Syracuse tough. These games are always close, even if one team is massively favored over the other. Syracuse will again rely on Tyus Battle to lead the way for the Orange. And again, Syracuse will need some hefty defense inside. What Syracuse has lacked the last couple of seasons against Georgetown was a truly excellent and stiffing Zone defense, that made it hard to get passes into the paint. While they were able to fool the likes of Gonzaga or other big teams with the zone in the last couple of years, it wasn't as sharp as this year's edition. Or a long. Or moved as well. or had exceptional shot blockers at the Five. Syracuse's defense is very good. And Georgetown, despite playing a boatload of cupcakes to start the year, has turned the ball over a lot. While they have a genuine stud in Center Jessie Govan, the question remains of will he be as effective against a tall, athletic center from a team actually in the top 100? Syracuse will obviously face a big and vocal crowd (probably their biggest all year [at least the G'town students can get up for the biggest game on their schedule before 2018]), so it's important to crush their dreams early if they can. And unlike the last few seasons, Syracuse has been able to get off on some strong starts. If Syracuse is able to get some early turnovers and easy buckets, this game could get out of hand for Georgetown and expose them as playing the soft schedule they have. I'd love for that to happen. But this is SU-G'town. I think this will be a grinder of a first half, with Syracuse able to wear them down in the 2nd half and pull away for a nice comfortable victory. I'l definitely picking the Orange in this one. I don't think Syracuse will have a road let down. If they do, it should be in the ACC and not against the soft-serve that G'town has been peddling so far this season. I'm taking the Orange by 14. This game will be nationally televised (as it should be) on CBS at 12:30. If you made the trip, have a few at Clyde's for me. Sad I'm missing it. John is too, since he ventured to Miami a couple weeks ago. I'm venturing out in the real world to watch this game today, so minimal updates from me. But we'll talk soon. Your Mother's A Hoya! GO ORANGE! Also, if you see Matt Glaude, say hello. This is like his Christmas and New Years all rolled into one.

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