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That vacant look is what Syracuse fans had when the clock hit 0:00.
A disaster. That's the only word to describe the game against Middle Tennessee State. Syracuse was unable to beat a team they were favored ten points over. Syracuse loses to one of the "easy" games on the schedule. You know, BECAUSE MOST OF THE SCHEDULE IS A LOT MORE DIFFICULT. Syracuse loses by a touchdown to Middle Tennessee State and Scott Shafer 30 to 23.
Syracuse knew what kind of defense was coming, and Syracuse was unable to protect Eric Dungey (26/42, 180yds, 0 TD, 1 INT, 1 rush TD). He was hit a lot and sacked 6 times. The passing game, and the rushing game never really found a rhythm on the day. And any time Syracuse got some momentum, there was a flag or dropped pass. Syracuse had a lot of drops, and from some of their top talent. No excuses. All problems. Syracuse also did very little to capitalize on the three turnovers from MTSU.
Syracuse did an adequate job stopping the run, but they didn't do much about the passing attack. And Syracuse even managed to give up a couple big plays. Four receivers had long passes of 26 yards or more. While Syracuse did fairly well on third downs (3/12) and stopped them on their one fourth down attempt, they had more offensive yards on the day.
Special Teams
Syracuse played a good field position game, but they missed a field goal, and allowed a couple long returns from MTSU.
Not really any offensive adjustments, or calling plays to try and get the blitzes to stop. An average day at best.
C (2.0)
This was brutal as the fast passing attack of Syracuse was assaulted by blitzes (which we knew was coming) and they were helpless to stretch the field and make plays (which we didn't know was coming). Syracuse played their worst game in a couple years in terms of the competition they faced. Might as well have been losing to Temple. 
Syracuse takes a devastating blow to their campaign to be Bowl Eligible. 6 wins at this point seems like it would take a monumental upset or minor miracle. Syracuse needs to rebound and get it together against Central Michigan this coming weekend if they hope to improve on their win totals from last season. Ouch.

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