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It's been a long time since Syracuse played UConn in football regularly. And by a long time, I mean not that long in terms of years. But definitely a long time in terms of things that have happened since. Like changing conferences. Saying goodbye to the Big East. And a whole host of other things. But we all still hate each other. So can Syracuse finally beat the Connecticut UConn Huskies at their own field?

Syracuse's offense is fast, fast, fast. And pretty good. Amba Etta-Tawo has been the most pleasant surprise. And frankly, despite some missteps along the way, the offense has looked pretty good. The defense on the other hand, has been a disaster in many ways. You can't really blame them though. They lost a lot of talent to graduation, and on top of that, have had several injuries already this season. So we're playing with kids who probably shouldn't have been playing this season. And that is never a recipe for success. On the other side, UConn plays sloooooow. And not only that, but Coach Bob Diaco hasn't proven the most adept at clock and time out management. They lost their game to Navy on the 1 yard line after all. They beat a very weak Virginia team by 3, and their only other win is against FCS Maine, of which they had to win on a last second field goal. Now granted, Syracuse hasn't won their last 2 games, but they played Louisville and USF. So needless to say, I'm not picking against the Orange in this one. I said in my season preview before any football was played that SU would win against UConn this year, and I haven't seen anything to convince me that UConn has suddenly become the team that got blown out in the Fiesta Bowl (after the taxpayers of the State of Connecticut had to pay $3 Million because UConn couldn't sell out their ticket allotment). That was back when Syracuse was VERY bad. They aren't that bad anymore. They aren't really good, but they definitely aren't that bad anymore. I'm taking the Orange in this one 23 to 17.

This game is available nationally on CBS Sports at 1:00pm. John is off the grid this weekend, but I'll be in the field at The Rent tailgating and then attending this one. So Syracuse better show up. Because I need to see a game there that doesn't involve me slowly walking the miles back to my car disappointed and sober (bad football is sobering), or soaked. UConn... U SUCK!

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