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Cornell - Syracuse Preview

Syracuse students agree: We're all at home.
Syracuse has had almost a week off since the dick punch that was SU v. St. John's in MSG. Nobody could buy a bucket the last six minutes, and no one could stop any 3's by St. John's. Watching the game, it was one of the most helpless I've seen Syracuse be in the last few years. You just knew St. John's wasn't going to miss, so to stay in the game SU had to create turnovers and get buckets. They got the turnovers, but couldn't make point blank shots, including layups. Cooney missed a three when he was SO open. It was horrible. And don't get me started on free throws (By the way, we're skipping the St. John's Postgame. We know it sucked. You know it sucked. Moving on). Syracuse needs to do two things quick. Play better defense and PUT THE BALL IN THE BUCKET. We all got fooled that this team was going to steamroll some of these games after Atlantis. Then reality hit and we have the team most of us thought we would. Malachi Richardson is basically the test for if SU will win or lose. If he's getting some points and contributing to the offense (and to a lesser extent Roberson or Howard) then SU has a shot to win, if not, well Gbinije can't do it all himself. Despite being doubled a lot by St. John's, he still hit big shots and got a boatload of points. Cooney will make some and miss a chunk. It is what it is at this point. I've never seen a "shooter" at Syracuse underwhelm like this, especially later in his career. But either way, I like how Lydon has done, and Coleman gave me some hope in New York. Either way, Cornell comes in with a very hot player in Robert Hatter. Basically if SU manages to shut him down, and not allow another nobody to have a career day, SU will be in good shape. Playing at home is good for SU. Now respond after the horrible showing in NYC. I'm sure they all want to do that. It's a rare occasion that SU has two bad games back to back. While they may not fix everything, they should still play far better at home against Cornell than they did last weekend, despite MSG being 75% SU fans. I'll take the Orange at home by 12. This game is available regionally on RSN at 12:00pm. Check local listings here. For the rest, WatchESPN. I'll be in the home office. We'll celebrate or bitch together. I promise I'm only going to one more game this year, and it isn't on the road.

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